Home again, home again.

Monday, June 27, 2011

We returned home from visiting G-Aunt Kathy & Uncle David, my Grandma, Aunt, cousin and mom on Saturday.  The rest of the weekend was spent unpacking, heading to church, playing lots with Lucy (who had to stay here in J-ville with a friend of ours), buying groceries, doing fish stuff and picking up the house.

The remainder of our time in Charlotte was a blast.  We had some more pool time, celebrated G-Aunt Kathy's 60th birthday (in which a bunch of her friends came over and we threw her a party - my mom, Grandma and I prepared all the party food!) and just soaked up time with each other.

I am currently sipping my morning coffee, thinking about the changes I want to make to my blog layout/design (it's in the works as we speak!) and contemplating our day to come.  You see, today is Day #1 of potty-training.  And here I sit, thinking what in the world I have gotten myself into.  But seeing as the Doc (remember when we visited the kidney Doc a few months ago?) recommended we should start at 18 months with L, it's about time.  I have a feeling this potty-training thing could either go really, really well, or it could go very, very poorly.  All I know is that the potty-chair is out and ready, the cute little girl panties are washed and folded, and L will be waking up in a little bit with a fun day ahead of her :)

I'll keep y'all posted on how this thing plays out...

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  1. Potty Training a puppy and a baby at the same time means lots of paper towels- haha. I hope you are well stocked! ;) I'll be praying for patience for you and that things go the "really really well" way. Love you!

  2. I second Kari's thoughts - I hope all goes well! :)



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