Simple Joys.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's the simple joys in life, that so often I take for granted, which in the end, truly build me up:

The way my pudgy son, with the two little sharp teeth, reaches his arms up to me as I bend down to pick him up.

My husband, who came home yesterday to me: a snarky, hormonal wife.  He simply and repeatedly would squeeze me tight, remind me how much he loved me and get me to laugh, with that bright twinkle in his eyes.

Sneaking into the babies room every night, just to catch a glimpse of their sweet sleeping faces, and to tuck their blankets snug around them.  What peace they exude.

Watering my (growing!) flowers and relishing in the glorious colors and smells that they give off.  God is such an amazing and creative Creator.

A fresh, hot cup of coffee each morning.  Seriously, I sit down, take a sip and every time, I close my eyes and let out a content sigh.  Coffee is fantastic.

Fulfilling and deep conversations with dear friends.

Hearing Eliana say please or thank-you without prompting her.  And hearing her call out "love you" as we put them to bed.  Precious.

These are some of the things that fill me up.  The things that I never want to take for granted or forget to notice.  I don't want to miss the details, the ways in which God is continually showing me grace and love and peace.  I want to be aware, to be absorbent, to soak it all in before it's too late.  The simple joys of life.

I'm linking up with Laura today at Along for the Ride, on where I find God.

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  1. That's so sweet! Oh don't take those little things for granted cuz when they're gone your heart will ache for it! Glad everything is going well for you :)

  2. The reaching up for you and the watching them sleep- gosh, those things melt my heart every time. It's indescribable but perfect.



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