27 April 2015

Emmalee Grace - 5 months

It's a few weeks past, but our Emmalee is 5 months old.  She weighs about 18 lbs, and is wearing 9-month clothes.  She loves to chew on everything, roll/scoot across the floor, and still blows bubbles all the time.  Emma wakes up 1-2 times to nurse at night, but goes right back to sleep.  She won't take a bottle at the moment.  She adores her siblings, and has started to notice the dog - and loves to try to grab his face/fistfuls of his hair, if he gets too close.  Her hair is coming in light blonde (and there I go, rolling on the floor in laughter...because I thought I might have a chance of a dark-brown haired baby!!!), and it looks like it will take it's sweet time, just like her siblings.  Speaking of which, they adore this babe...she is certainly the baby of the family, and we all dote on her!  Love our sweet Emmalee Grace!

16 April 2015

Hello Again!

Or also titled, "how I should be folding the multiple piles of clean laundry scattered throughout my house, but would rather keep avoiding it, so here I am, finally blogging again"...

Here we are!  Max finished his course in TX, and we left AZ two months ago, and moved to sunny Southern CA.  It's so good to be back together as a family, to be under the same roof, and have a home of our own again.  We are loving it here so far - the weather is gorgeous, the proximity to the ocean is fantastic, and we are feeling pretty settled into our new house.  
moving day // game time // swinging at sunset by the ocean 
new digs // beach day // sweet girl 
swinging with daddy // new bed for Evie // sister tea party

Max is busy getting situated and trained in at work.  The kids and I have been busy settling in, and adjusting to life with just me again.  This having 4 kids is no joke!  I feel like I am constantly running around, trying to get everything done, and at the end of the day, I still feel like my to-do list is a mile long!!!  I am trying to figure out the balance between it all, and it's not been easy.  There are days I feel like I go-go-go, but have nothing productive to show for it, and that's hard for me!  I have to remind myself that somedays there aren't any "results", and that's ok - as long as I get the kiddos dressed and fed and napped, and we spend a bit of time outside, and the house isn't a major disaster, and there is some sort of dinner at the end of the day, it's probably been more of a successful day than I realized!
love them // daddy and empale // georgie 
how is emma so big? // car selfie // new spring outfits

We are slowly meeting new friends, and getting acquainted with our surroundings. We've been to the beach a handful of times, and man alive, was it good to see the ocean again, after those months in the desert!  The sand and waves are so good for a person!  The kids could sit out in the sand for hours, just digging and scooping and filling buckets.  Plus, we found a beach we can take George too, and it's so much fun watching him gallop around in the waves!
palm trees are not cacti // George knows where it's at // chubby baby
all my people // mama's quiet time // goofy boy
"am i pwetty?" // from where I nurse // love these kiddos

I have been meaning to blog for awhile, but between wiping bums, and doing laundry, and sweeping floors, and getting into a routine here, it has kept getting pushed back.  Which is sad, because I know how happy I am to blog, to keep this space, to share snippets of our story.  I'm hoping to figure out ways to carve out a little bit of time for sharing a little more of what life is looking like around here lately.  

But for now, I hear a small one calling, and there is dinner to be made...

12 March 2015

Emmalee Grace - 4 months

Emmalee Grace weighs about 16 lbs, wears 6-month clothes, and loves blowing bubbles with her lips.  She is still laid-back, and super sweet.  Such the perfect caboose to our crew!

13 February 2015

My Sweethearts.

I sure do love these precious, goofy kiddos of mine!  After taking a few photos of the four of them, Ezra and Eliana wanted to take some with me in the picture.  We miss our Daddy (only days until we move, yay!), and can't wait to see him, but I sure am thankful for these little sweethearts of mine!

10 February 2015

Emmalee Grace - 3 months

I know, I know, I am always saying this, but time has flown right by again!  How is my precious baby already three months old?!  Emmalee is doing great.  She weighs in around 14 lbs, and has outgrown most of her 0-3/3m clothes.  She has become quite vocal - "talking" to us, making dinosaur-type squawking noises, and she LOVES blowing bubbles with her lips.  Emma is a fantastic sleeper, and I am so thankful for that!  She sleeps 10-11 hours at night, takes one longer nap in the afternoon, and a few catnaps in the morning.  She nurses every 2-3 hours during the day, and if she's not eating or sleeping, she probably has her hands in her mouth.  She is still quite laid-back, and easy going, for the most part.  We love our sweet Emmalee Grace!