Spring Break '17 in the Desert

Monday, April 24, 2017

The kids had their Spring Break a week ago, and we headed to my parent's house in the desert.  We spent just over a week with them, and had a great time there.  

We were able to see my brother perform in an Opera at the University - Eliana and Evie were able to attend, and he did awesome!  We got to have dinner with sweet friends who love to spoil us with delicious noodles that the kids plates and plates of.  We went swimming, did some shopping, took a trip to the Zoo, played lots of games,  sent the kids hiking with my dad, read books, and relaxed. We spent Easter there, which was a nice treat - to celebrate our Risen Jesus together, by going to church, eating a delicious dinner, and hunting for Easter eggs/baskets.  

It was so nice having help with the kids that week, and having plenty of adults around to have conversations with!  The kids loved their time with their Bibi, Babu, and Uncle Kyle, and we were so grateful to spend the week with them!  
 Emmalee helping Babu make coffee // Eliana and Evie // waiting for noodles!
Emmalee the Diva // early morning sunrise walks with George // Emma told me to go brush my hair!
 Pretty peacock // snack break! // flamingos
Bibi and kiddos // elephants playing in the mud // Emma and her daddy doll
After dinner one evening // coloring Easter eggs // Auntie Alison came to visit!
Easter morning // another early morning sunrise walk // we love Bibi & Babu

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  1. How fun to be able to see your brother perform! I'm sure you are very proud of him. :)



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