Splish Splash.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We have been having a blast swimming in Great-Aunt Kathy and Uncle David's pool.
It's been very warm out, so being able to jump in the pool is fantastic.
Plus, L and Z get some good pool/swimming experience in!
AND, my mom brought along this sweet camera that is able to go underwater.
You better believe I've been having a blast with it :)

Ms. L, working on her swimming/kicking.
The little Z man, floating around.
L loves to put the goggles on.
It cracks us up SO much, cause it smushes her eyes down and she looks really goofy!
Ezzy boy had enough of the pool this day.
Another shot with the sweet camera.
She LOVES the pool, if you can't tell by the silly grin on her face.
Taking a break.
I just HAD to take some underwater pictures, ha ha ha!
 Bibi (my mom) had this goal: to teach L to go underwater and hold her breath.
I think she secretly wanted to get this sweet picture.
I promise - this was not at all forced - she likes doing it!
And has gotten very good at holding her breath in for the dunk!!
Of course, after long days playing in the pool, we MUST go find ice cream!
I must say, that cold ice cream was the perfect end to a fun, hot day.

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  1. What fun pictures. I love L's little swimsuit, too cute!

  2. Looks like so much fun :) Love the underwater pictures!

  3. She looks so cute with those goggles on! Very cool under water pics!



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