The one-kidney girl.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Eliana only has one kidney.
For those of you that don't know or forgot, check this out.
It's a little trackback to when we found out about her solitary kidney.

Not only does she have only one kidney, but that one kidney had some slight issues at first.
If you go here and read a few paragraphs down, I give a pretty good summary.

After we had her VCUG done over a year ago, I haven't updated much about her kidney.
{By the way, her VCUG went just fine and it was determined 
that urine was not going back up into her kidney. Praise Jesus!}
After it was determined that urine was indeed NOT going up into her kidney, 
the urologist simply kept monitoring the kidney - specifically the growth.
We would go in about every 3 months to see the pediatric urologist (who was awesome!).
They would do an ultrasound to check the progress of the kidney.
And then we would meet with the Doc.

Over the course of the past year, L's solitary kidney has been growing well.
And the hydronephrosis (urine, or other liquid, going back up into the kidney) got better and better.
Which was just wonderful!

We visited the Doc right before our move to NC and she thought that things were looking good.
Because L's kidney was continuing to grow well,
and the hydronephrosis was just about gone, the Doc said we didn't need to come in as often.

THEN, we moved to NC, and our new Dr wanted us to 
establish a connection with a pediatric urologist in the area.
Good idea.
So we got our insurance referral and were on our way. 
(that's why we trekked to Wilmington a few weeks ago...)

The new Doc read over L's information.
Said that things are looking good.
We'll visit him twice a year for now.
The biggest concern at this point is a potential kidney or bladder infection.
This would be bad, because if an infection got to her kidney, well... she only has one.
So it's important that we catch a potential infection RIGHT away.
Since she isn't able to vocalize where her pain is, we have specific instructions for high fevers, etc.
Once she starts vocalizing where she hurts when she gets sick, then our visits to the Doc will decrease!

Other than that, her solitary kidney is doing great and we are very pleased!

Ready for the "fun" news?!?!
The Doc talked to me about potty training.
He gave me some spiel about how the Swedes swear by this certain method, blahblahblah.
And that I need to start potty-training Eliana at 18 months.

So....potty training is going to begin very shortly around here!
The more I have read and the more I have been watching L for signs of readiness,
the more I feel that it's about time.

We have some visitors coming in May, so I figured I would wait until June to start.
That way, we have a few uninterrupted weeks that we can commit to being very diligent.
BUT that's only two months away!!!
Am I ready for this?
Am I ready for my little girl to grow out of diapers?
Where has my baby gone?!

Any good suggestions or tips on potty-training?
If you're a mama, what age did you potty-train your babe?

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  1. I'm not a mama but I know my mom potty trained me when I was 18 months too. She swears by the Potty Training in One Day book!

  2. We started Elle at 18 months. She was pretty much set just before her 3rd birthday. The best advise I can give you is don't get discouraged and follow her lead, at least on this. ;) It sounds silly but if its a battle its not worth it. Elle was ready, then she wasn't, then she was, then she wasn't. Don't get frustrated if she isn't potty trained by 2 because she doesn't HAVE to be potty trained by 2. But BIG YAY! if she is! :) That would be so great!



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