We love Pembroke!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

While my mom was still working for Up with People, she happened to get in touch with Linda.
Through their conversations, she learned that Linda lived here in J-ville.
Linda (along with her husband, Joe), founded Miracle Meadows, a Therapeutic Riding Center.
My mom mentioned that we would be moving here this year.
And Linda said we should come out and see the farm.
So, this morning, L and I took a field trip out to meet Linda and get acquainted with the farm.

It was great meeting an UWP alum, hearing about the organization and seeing the farm.
L had a fun time being kissed by the dogs, gazing at a goat and pot-bellied pig and meeting some horses.
But the highlight of our trip?!
L got to ride a pony!  

Linda got Pembroke, the pony, out of his pen, brushed and saddled up.
I hoisted L up onto his back and clutched a big handful of her clothing from the back to hold onto.
She placed her little hands on the horn of the saddle, gripped with her little legs and off we went!
Around and around and around the yard.
Pembroke kept trying to grab mouthfuls of grass and when not allowed to, would purse his lips!
L kept her hands tightly on the horn and sat up tall.
As the dogs would weave around our feet, she would bark at them.
And as we passed the donkey, L would wave and blow kisses.
Maybe we were in an impromptu parade where L was the star?!

After walking around, laughing at antics, we stopped for some pictures to capture the moment. 

Linda, Pembroke, L and I.
Note her hands on the horn, ha!

L, laughing and smiling, up on Pembroke's back.

Her expression in this one cracks me up!

And then Linda wanted to "pose" L.
So up onto Pembroke's neck she went.
I don't think she was all that impressed...

And around to his tail.
Wrong end, dear L!

Standing with Pembroke.
Her first pony ride.
I don't think it will be her last.
She seemed to be a natural :)
As Linda said, I better start saving money up now, ha ha!

Of course, once we were done, we had to brush Pembroke off.
L did a great job with the brush!

And then, it was time to pack our camera up and get in the car to head home.
I had one worn-out L on my hands!
It was a fun morning, to say the least!
One that I definitely will remember - and at least L will have pictures to look at!
We left the farm with kind thanks and promised to come visit again soon!!

And what did the Z man do while we were gone?!
Oh you know - he and Daddy had some manly bonding time - they fell asleep on the floor together!

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  1. This warms my heart! So glad you both got a horse fix!!!

  2. Awhhhh, too cute! I love the wrong end picture :) I guess you might indeed have to start saving because she looked great :)

  3. awww, we have been to Equine Country on 258 here in J-ville, and my 2-year old LOVED the horses! She did not want to get off the pony! And then she brushed them for at least 15 minutes! When we went to the circus last year, I think the pony ride was the highlight of her trip! :-)

  4. "Pony boy, pony boy won't you be my pony boy..." Great pics & I'm so happy for L that's she's figuring out which is the front end of the pony!
    papa d



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