Lunch at the beach {Monastery Beach}

Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's no secret that we love the beach, and we try to make it there as much as possible.  When my parents were here visiting, one day dawned gorgeous and sunny and warm, so we squeezed into the car, picked up lunch, and headed to the beach.

I took them to a beach we had found a few weeks before - Monastery Beach (known also as Carmel River State Beach... and sometimes referred to as Mortuary Beach, because of the dangerous swimming conditions found there...), which we had liked because instead of the fine sand you find at most beaches, this beach is made up of little tiny pebbles - which, in my world of crawling infants and digging toddlers, means less sandy mess to deal with post-beach!
Pretty sure his sandwich was as big as his head.  And he ate it all.  Growing boy!
 Babu and L playing in the water.  She thought it was hysterical when he pretended to stick her head in!
Delicious sandwich!  Makes me want another now!
 Babu and L
She makes me smile.
Seriously, she is looking so grown-up!  
 This was as close as Ezra would get to the water.  Honestly, this is just fine with me.  Eliana has zero fear of the ocean, so when we go, it's constant watching and reminding her to stay away from the water unless she is with an adult - those waves can come in so fast and could sweep her out even faster, so we try to be super cautious!  Ezra, on the other hand, has a lot of anxiety about the ocean (he loves baths and swimming in pools though...), and is always content to sit away from the water, play in the sand, and just watch people/wildlife/etc.  

We had a lovely lunch at the beach.  
We left with full bellies, sun-kissed faces, and tired babies ready for their naps - perfect outing, if you ask me!

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  1. Eliana is definitely looking so much older! I love the photos. That beach looks great, and I agree, those pebbly beaches are much better.

  2. So pretty! You're right, she is looking so grown. :)

  3. Eliana and Ezra both look so grown up!
    What a pretty beach, and that sandwich does look pretty delicious.

  4. Before I even read your caption of L's picture, I thought, "Wow, she looks so much older!" Time really flies.



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