Sunday Best.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's fun dressing the kids up.  Poofy dresses that twirl when you spin.  Suspenders that make toddlers look like wise old men.  Ruffles on diaper-clad bottoms.  Sparkly shoes and bow-ties.  

Although it's exciting to doll them up, my prayer is that I would teach them that it's not just about the outside.  
The inside matters just as much, or even more.  
I hope that these three who have been entrusted to me will come to understand that it's just as important to put love and peace and grace and gentleness and Truth in their hearts and minds.

And that it doesn't just happen on Sundays.  
But also on Mondays and Thursdays and Saturday evenings, and every moment in between. 

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