Bibi's Birthday Dinner.

Monday, September 23, 2013

We had the privilege of celebrating my mom's birthday with her, when my parents were here visiting a few weeks ago.  We went out to eat at a fun seafood restaurant down the road - it was a delicious dinner, complete with fried artichoke hearts, live music, and good company.  After we stuffed our bellies, we made our way out to the water and watched the sun set.  It was gorgeous and so neat watching the sun slowly drift lower and lower, until it was gone - or "asleep" as we told our kids!  What a beautiful evening celebrating my mom - we love you, Bibi!  

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  1. You look just like your Mom!!! :) Beautiful ladies.

  2. Ah! your little guy and gal DO look like my babes:) Too funny!
    And no...Eloise doesn't have a birth mark between her eyes...i think it was because it was hot haha!
    But she does have one on the back of her neck:)
    So great to find your blog!

  3. I love that second photo!! Frame it.

  4. Fantastic pics....Amazing memories....the BEST way to spend a birthday! Thanks Hanson clan!!!!

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