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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My parents left a week ago, after their visit, which was a blast.  More pictures to come soon :)

  Honestly, after they left, I slid into a bit of a funk.  Last week was marked by much discouragement and frustration - mostly in my heart and mind - it was not pretty.  I may have convinced myself that I would never make friends here and that I would never be a good enough mama and that I would never lose my baby pudding pack around my tummy and that basically the sky was falling...looking back, I MAY have been a little bit dramatic...

I didn't feel much like blogging, which was probably a good thing - I either would have been crazy and emotional, or tried to pretend everything was just fine.  And really, I needed to just sit in my thoughts, and try to process through some of them on my own.  I am definitely an internal processor :)  It's not always enjoyable or easy to work through the hard stuff, but in the end, it's good, and I keep praying God will be glorified through my life. 

  Not that I all of a sudden have everything all figured out, but this week is going much better.  I have been trying to get more rest, spend time journaling through some of my internal struggles, put healthy things into my body, and look for the little things that make me smile.   
love that grin // silly boy // putting bows on her bear
spending some early morning alone time // mama and evie // coffee in a mason jar
lots of toes // eliana coloring with daddy // evie eyeballing the slide
 When my parents were here, I went out and chopped off some hairs.  I realized that as much as I WANT long hair (probably because I see so many other people with beautiful long hair), that mine is so thin and ends up in a ponytail all.the.time.  I was ready for a change, so chop chop!  I love it!  It's fun, easy and makes me feel sassy!!  
donuts after church // pineapple-green olive-pepperoni pizza // her caterpillar named Jesus
please note eliana's face, ha! // daddy and evie // writing Truth on our walls
magazines, wine & a movie // eliana looks SO grown-up // sweet evie fell asleep on a walk

Other than my crazy, emotional struggles, life has been pretty good.  Max has been busy at work, and I feel like we don't see him much, but he is still really enjoying class and I am so proud of how hard he studies and works to learn the language.  We can all count to 10 now, and I have been slowly picking up other phrases that he uses a lot around the house!  I think by the time he is done, the kids will know more than me, which is cool.  

Evie is cutting teeth, and there have been a lot of sleepless nights lately.  I will be happy when those little buggers pop through!  Ezra and Eliana are doing well - I am going to start some preschool-type activities with them, here at home, in the next week.  It's not exactly in our budget to send them somewhere, and I can work with them at home for a few hours each week - which I think they will love - they soak things up like little sponges and are always so eager to do crafts and work on activities.    

There you have it - a little glimpse into life lately around here.

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  1. I need to cut my hair. I like the idea of having longer hair too, but I just tie it up! It takes too long to style!

  2. I love your hair short, I'm getting mine cut tomorrow and I can't wait!

  3. I'm doing some at-home preschool work, too. Our kids won't start kindergarten until they are both almost 6 because of their birthdays, so we get an extra year. And honestly, as expensive as it is, I figure I can teach them a lot of that here at home while still having fun!

  4. Sorry you had a rough week last week. There must have been something about last week because I was very blue too (motherhood/military/life/you-name-it-I-stressed-over-it). Your new haircut is adorable on you though and I agree- very sassy! Also love that the caterpillar is named Jesus. ;)

  5. I always get into a funk when family leaves and was pretty over dramatic yesterday about something that hurt me but I should have handled it better. I'm glad things are getting better and those kids of yours seem to grow bigger and bigger with every blog post, so cute!!

  6. I'm glad this week has been a little better. Love the photos and love your hair! We're in the same boat with preschool and a lack of budget for it. I'm trying to figure out how to start "pre-homeschooling" Millie, but right now we're doing well just to get three meals and naptime down lol.



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