Bibi & Babu Visit: Croquet, Prickly Pears, & Sunflowers

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

My mom and dad, known as Bibi & Babu around here, drove up last weekend for a 10-day visit.  
We are excited to have them here with us.  
 They arrived, bringing lots of goodies.  
Like a croquet set, which Ezra refers to as 'the golf game'!  
The kids have had a lot of fun whacking their croquet balls around on the grass.  
 They watched our kids on Sunday, while Max and I met up with friends at the beach for a bonfire.
It was fun being kid-less for the evening, sitting on the beach, listening to the surf, 
breathing in the smoky sea air, watching the flames dance around the logs.
What a relaxing evening!  
 We took Bibi and Babu to the Aquarium on Labor day.
It was busy, but fun, of course.  
We loved the sea dragons, penguins, and jellyfish. 

Yesterday, my mom and I attempted to make prickly pear jam.  
It wasn't terribly hard, although it took us all morning.
I say that we attempted,'s been 24 hours and our "jam" is still syrup in the sealed jars.
It didn't set!  Or hasn't set yet?!
Clearly we are NOT jam/canning experts!
 While my mom and I canned away, my dad took the kids to the park and the beach, where they fended off seagulls with footballs and collected teeny rocks.

After naps, we went to the Monterey Farmer's Market, which was a blast.  There were lots of fun vendors there - international food, produce, fresh flowers, cookies, scarves, etc.  We had a great time sampling various treats, picking huge sunflowers to bring home, and milling around with people.  
Today, the plan is to go pick up delicious deli sandwiches and head to the beach 
or the "big" park to spend some time soaking up the sun and fresh air. 

The rest of the week holds other fun adventures, a birthday, delicious food, 
trips to the ocean, and just enjoying our time with Bibi & Babu!  

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  1. I love that first photo of the kids! How cute are they?

  2. What a wonderful week! You guys sure are busy with visitors!

  3. So glad your parents are in town! Have fun!!



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