Summer 2013 Goals Re-Visited

Friday, August 30, 2013

This summer has felt different.  Maybe it's because we moved here right at the start.  Or perhaps it's because the weather is so consistent, and it never got hot enough to "feel" like summer - we never even  pulled out the kiddie pool for afternoon splash time!  It could also be the life stage I am in - having toddlers and an infant at home, which means that most of my days feel exactly the same, regardless of the season change.   

In spite of it not exactly feeling like summer to me, it has still been a great few months - not without it's share of challenges and tantrums and sleepless nights, but still - a good, satisfying, growing couple of months.   
{Visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium // new whole wheat tortilla recipe // new pancake recipe
early morning workout // one of the beaches we visited // afternoon quiet time + coffee
the trunk is almost done! // face mask creations // yummy + filling breakfast}

A few months ago, I wrote about some goals I had for summer 2013.  Since the school-age kids around here have gone back to school, and the Labor day weekend is upon us, I figured it was a good time to revisit those goals.  

1. "Projects": We worked on a lot of projects this summer!  We got our chairs finished, and now have too many to fit around our table!  A good problem to have, since a few months ago, we never had enough seating for extra guests!  Max built a bench for the table, and the kids have claimed it as their own.  I have been working on my trunk, and I have a few more touch-ups to do, but it should be done in the next few days.  We got our living room curtains and photo collage wall hung.  I switched out older photos in frames, with new ones.  All in all, I am incredibly happy with our progress, and feel like our house is even more "homey".  Can't wait to share some of the completed projects on the blog :)

2. Exercise: I can't say I've made this a routine yet, but have gotten better about waking early with Max, and lacing up my shoes to get my sweat on.  I haven't always been consistent the last few months, but feel I have made progress, and most weeks, I got moving 4-5 times a week.  

3. Healthy eating/new recipes: I think we've done a pretty good job at this one.  A good mix of choosing healthy options, but also allowing room for donut or ice cream treats (or mocha mystery!).  I've also had a fun time trying some new recipes over the last few months: whole wheat tortillas, beef and bacon stew (YUM!), chicken, bacon & green beans, carmelitas, honey lime chicken, chickpea curry, white chicken chili, honey chipotle turkey meatballs, crockpot beef broccoli, pasta with sausage, garlic & broccoli, s'mores bars

4. Explore the area: We have been able to have a lot of fun adventures around the Monterey area.  We have explored many beaches near our house, visited the Aquarium a few times, walked along the Monterey Bay Fisherman's Wharf & Cannery Row, drove down to Pfeiffer Beach, took a day trip to San Francisco, and visited lots of local parks.  There is so much to do (a lot of free stuff too!) around here, which is a blast!  

5.  Read 5 books:  I was able to do some reading, but did not read 5 books.  I finished Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist, and it was fantastic!  I started a few others, and was able to get some solid quiet time/Bible reading in, as well as follow some SheReadsTruth plans.  

6. Make friends: I am an introvert.  It takes me time to make good, solid friends.  And that's ok.  I am slowly meeting more neighbors and slowly meeting women at church, and I am happy with the progress. 

7. Blog: I feel like I've kept up with blogging this summer, and am happy to have memories/adventures/pictures documented.  

8. Finish Friday Night Lights: DONE!  I think I am STILL having FNL withdrawals - I really did fall in love with that show :)  Although New Girl is pretty good too...

9. Get involved at church: I started a women's Bible study this past week, and am excited to get to know some other women, and study the Bible with them!  We are also looking at getting connected with a small group, and doing some volunteering once a month.  

10. Create: The kids and I have done a lot of creating...octopus, face masks, watercolors, crayon pictures...and it's been fun to see them making progress using markers and drawing faces!  I was also able to pull out my sewing machine and make some fun baby presents.  That + working on the trunk/chairs has filled my creativity tank this summer.  
{early morning Truth // delicious breakfast // painting it up
watching Friday Night Lights // peanut-butter M&M's treat // a good Word
sewing + afternoon treat // octopus creations // evening reading + tea}

Taking a look at my goals has made me realize how truly beautiful of a summer we have had.  It's been filled with making family memories, lots of fun adventures, completing house projects, refreshing reading time, lots of delicious food, and restful moments.  The summer may not have looked like what I expected it to, but most days never do, and I think that's the true beauty - that so often God wrecks our own plans and ideas, for even better ones.  And often times, it's only in the pausing and looking back that leads us to see what's been there all along.  

Hope y'all have a restful and happy weekend! 

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  1. I'm the same way when it comes to meetings friends, I have to take it slow.

  2. I can't wait until Penny can do crafts. Right now she just eats everything! She's such a busy girl too, craft time isn't as fun. Except coloring or painting, though all that usually ends up all over her body ;)



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