28 weeks // Baby #3

Saturday, June 30, 2012

28 weeks pregnant with Baby #3.  So excited to be starting the third trimester - that means only a few, short months until we get to meet the little babe inside my belly.  

{previous Baby #3 posts: 20 weeks // 24 weeks}

Other than being a little more tired lately, I have been feeling pretty good.  I have even been managing to keep most of the terrible heartburn under control, with the food I eat (and don't eat!) - which makes me a happy mama, especially when I lay down at night!  I had to take the 3-hour glucose tolerance test this week, as I did not "pass" the 1-hour last week.  I have yet to find out the results, or if I will need to do additional testing.  

Still working out a couple days a week, and walking outside most days - although with the heat rising, it is getting harder for me to be motivated to get my body moving outside, not gonna lie.  This Minnesota girl has a hard time with all this humidity and high temps!  The last week has tested my healthy eating a lot - let's just say I have some room for improvement :)  I was happy to find out that my weight gain is right on track and I gained only 3 lbs in the last 6 weeks between Doc visits - I attribute that to my attempts at consciously healthy eating and working out.  

Eliana and Ezra like to pat my belly and tell me that our baby is inside.  They tickle it a lot, which makes them giggle, and makes me smile.  L is still convinced it's a boy (so is Max...) and calls it Ollie when I ask her what it's name will be.  I have no idea where she got that from, as Ollie/Oliver isn't on our name list, ha ha!  She will sometimes tell me how excited she is to take our baby on adventures and on walks to the park.  I try to explain to her that when it first comes, it's going to cry and eat and poop a lot, and it won't be able to walk to the park on it's own.  I can tell she is trying to understand that it won't come out all ready-to-play-and-run with her.  After examining her (clothed) baby doll the other day, she informed me that our baby will come out wearing little shoes.  I tried to tell her that we will dress our baby, but it won't come out looking QUITE like the baby doll...

Baby #3 has been super active lately.  Kicking, dancing, doing ninja moves in my belly.  Of course, s/he tends to get even more active when I lay down at night.  Lately, when Max or I feel my belly, we can make out limbs versus body and head, which is fun and makes us laugh when we feel a foot or hand punching at us!

A short stop at the beach the other night.  Max laughed and said it was the first picture all of our kids!

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  1. You look so good! Glad you are doing well. We have not been getting out for walks lately - I'm so unmotivated to push a triple stroller when it's 100 degrees outside! I love that last picture!

  2. Aw that last picture is cute. I'm super excited for you guys!

  3. Great photo! Baby bump with other babies in background! :)

  4. You do look great! It'll be baby time before you know it. At least you're able to keep up with working out. My back just doesn't want to allow me to do anything. Three kiddos...it's going to be a blast.

  5. I like the picture of "all" the kiddos!



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