24 weeks // Baby #3

Thursday, May 31, 2012

24 weeks today with our little Baby #3! 
S/he is growing and has been more and more active (or at least I feel him/her more and more!) in my belly.  I feel pretty good, and have really been trying to watch what I eat and that I keep active.  The worst that happens is I get some bad heartburn if I eat a lot of sugar-y or tomato-y foods.  I try to avoid them, especially if it is anywhere close to bedtime.

Throughout the last few months: 
Baby names.  Are you ready?  We talk a lot about names and have read through a few name books.  Although we are not finding out the gender before s/he is born, I am excited to share our list of names with you.  It is currently narrowed down to 8 boy names and 7 girl names.  We have our favorites, of course, but I am not going to tell you what those are - you can draw your own conclusions.  Oh, and the list is always subject to change.  It's a day to day thing, you know?!  

We try to pick out names we like based on the meaning behind it, the unique-ness of it, and how much we like the sound of it.  Oh, and we both have to agree.  If one of us hated a name when we were going through the books, it was automatically off the list.  Even if the other loved it.  Plus, we have to like how it sounds with our last name.  The other thing I have been thinking a lot about is whether Baby #3 will have a name that starts with an E-, to see the trend going (Eliana, Ezra & ??).  Or if we will break the trend with this one.  Who knows?!  I guess we'll all find out when the little one makes his/her appearance!

Anyways, I am rambling!  So, our current name lists:

Girl Names - Aralyn, Arona, Brielle, Eliza, Evlyn, Kora, Liya (pronounced Lee-Ah)

Boy Names - Daniel, Elisha, Hazaiah, Israel, Judah, Malachi, Tai, Toren

I know there will be opinions and such on our list, but to each their own!  I know what we would name the babe if it were born right now, and that's all that matters!  Time will be the official judge as to what we settle on - and meeting our little one face-to-face.  It always helps us seal the deal!

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  1. I have a niece named Evelyn and she's been called Evie or Eve most of her life but when she's an adult Evelyn works nicely too.

    and I love Malachi and Im partial to Mordecai (not on list) as well. Strong Biblical names with great meanings!

    I love your names; I love strong meanings and roots behind names instead of ones that people just like and made new spellings with. Some people need a dictionary and spelling class!!

  2. I love love love Kora. That's on our baby name list for future kids. Aralyn is beautiful!
    I really like Tai and Toren. I knew a Toren in high school, he was really good looking and such a sweetheart.

    All your names are great, really.

    You look awesome by the way!

  3. ooh Love the name Malachi :) and I love the name Liya. We picked all of our children's names based on their meaning, and I love that they all match their name meaning definitely!

  4. I am parital to the name Malachi as well...and Judah...Evelyn is also a beautiful name for a girl...All of the names are beautiful though, and I cannot wait to "meet" your newest little one.

  5. Can't wait to see what you pick! :)



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