20 weeks // Baby #3

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Thursday marked 20 weeks with Baby #3!  Days are flying by - we are halfway to meeting our little babe.  Exciting times, y'all!  Here is a little snapshot of the 20 week belly (and the lovely tan lines on my arm...don't look too close, ha ha!):
I thought it would be fun to do a little comparing this week.  First up, the belly at 16 weeks and now, at 20 weeks.  It's grown.  Go figure.
And then, I thought it would be fun to look at the baby bellies over the years.  The first is me, pregnant with Eliana, at 20 weeks.  Um, hello...was I even pregnant?!  I assure you, I was indeed 20 weeks along in that photo.  I just look so...skinny, ha ha!!  The second is me, pregnant with Ezra, at 20.5 weeks or so.  And the third, obviously, is me now, pregnant with little baby #3.  My belly protrudes far more this time around at 20 weeks, than previously.  To be expected!  Oh...and my hair was much cuter 3 years ago...
I am feeling pretty good these days.  I can tell my belly is starting to get bigger, as I've noticed it starting to get in the way a little.  Also, I've noticed being more uncomfortable picking things up or bending over.  It'll only get more so as the weeks march on - oh the joys!  I am finally out of regular pants and into stretchy skirts and maternity shorts.  I am proud to say I've only gained 6-7 pounds by now.  Because I am a little heavier than a few years ago, the Doc recommended less weight gain this time around.  Not that I can do TOO much about it, but I have really been trying to watch what I eat, and continue working out.  I don't have any crazy cravings right now - mostly, I just want sweets and ice cream right now - which is NOT so good for the weight gain, ha!  But it's getting warm (I call it hot, but I know it'll only get MUCH hotter!) out and ice cream just always sounds SO good!  

I have an ultrasound coming up this week, and this will be the first one that Max will be able to attend!  I am excited that he'll get to see the little one on the screen, instead of just seeing pictures I send to him.  Still planning to be surprised by the gender - although I am convinced it's a girl, and Max argues it's a little boy.  As he said the other day, it's been a fun "psuedo-fued" we have going on - keeps us laughing and debating!  

So, there you have it - 20 weeks with baby #3 - our little one is halfway done, woot!

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  1. Have you been 20 weeks in may three times?? That is either great planning or a cool coincidence. Oh you belly makes me want to be preggo again. You are so dang adorable!! Enjoy!

  2. Love the photos!! I'm gonna guess boy for you... but hey, I've been wrong lately, so who knows?

  3. Oh, and I love how you have all your babies around the same time.

  4. You look super adorable! Glad you are doing well!

  5. ok - I'm worried - cuz Z was so big and you are obviously ahead of that ;) So you better have a chat with your Dr so this one isn't an 11 pounder!! You're so tan :)

  6. First of all, you look great. I love the comparison pictures!! So cool.

    And that's wild that they sound like they'll all be born in the same month-ish, if I'm thinking of this right. Did you plan it that way? :)

  7. LOVE the comparison between the three baby bellies! So cute! I can't wait to see what baby #3 looks like at 40 weeks. :o)

  8. I looked back at this today as I am thinking about my own belly and how long it seems to be taking to pop! I feel a bit better as I look at your 20 week shot with L - it makes me feel like it is ok and normal :)



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