Embracing the Faces

Thursday, May 03, 2012

We were playing with my new camera remote (thanks Papa & Mama D!) this morning, to "test" it out.  I had a little too much fun with that thing!  Figured I'd link up with Emily @ The Anderson Crew for Embrace the Camera

This one makes me giggle.  Everybody is looking every which way.
Cheesy smiles.
I love that in the lower left corner, you can catch a blurry glimpse of the chomping dinosaur on Ezzy's shirt.  It makes me smile.  A lot.  
Oh.  And last night, a librarian called to tell me that a book I had reserved was now ready to be picked-up.  I caught myself about to tell her that I loved her at the end of the conversation.  And now I am realizing how much I want to do it whenever I am on the phone.  Maybe my blog is similar.  
So, I love you.  Good-bye.

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  1. What lovely photos! I love you too ;)

  2. If camera remote means more pictures with your lovely face- then it's awesome! MISS YOU!!! And I love you too...

  3. Beautiful! You have cute kiddos and a cute blog!

  4. Those are great photos!

    I did the same thing, when I was out somewhere and ran into my preschool teacher. I was probably about 10 or so. I talked to her, and when I was walking away, said, "Bye, love you!" I still feel the shame of it, lol.

  5. Priceless photos!! You and your kidlets are beautiful!
    Your comment about saying "i love you" to your librarian was all too familiar.. i've caught myself in that same awkward moment before.. haha it makes me laugh for days :)

  6. Wonderfull pics Kaylee! And wow how the kiddos are growing, it's amazing! :)



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