Summer Cuts.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Seriously, y'all...never leave me unattended with scissors and my children.  I tend to get a little snip-happy.  Check it out.  

My babes, last week, with still-long-ish hairs upon their little toddler heads:
And my babes, this week, with much shorter hairs upon their little heads...
Now my little baby boy looks like a little toddler boy.  And has no more little poofs of hair surrounding his ears, thank goodness!
To be fair, L was begging me to cut her hair.  And it is super cute.  And the cut keeps the long scraggly hairs off her neck when it's hot out - I had the WORST time trying to keep her hair in a pony without her pulling it out  

I may have had a slight momentary freakout when I realized how much I cut off of her hair (I intended it to only be a little trim, ha ha!), but it's done, and I really do like it...and she thinks she pretty cute too!  

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  1. Definitely cute!! I cannot be trusted with scissors and hair, only bad things happen! But you did a really fantastic job.. both kids are adorable! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness I love her hair!! I really need to trim Penny's hair a bit (what? already at 6 months?!) but I'm putting it off!



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