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Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer 2012 Reading list.  

I know a few of these books have been on my reading list the entire year.  And a few of them, I am part or most of the way through by now.  I am MUCH slower at reading nonfiction, and am not always good at making the time to sit down and turn my brain on to really ruminate on the words and thoughts presented.  Fiction is easy for me - sit down, turn my brain off and just get immersed in a story and characters and another world.

I am about halfway through Crazy Love - I started it way back in January and then lost my motivation.  I picked it up again last week and have been caught up in it.  It's challenging my thinking in a lot of ways, and I am excited to keep reading it.    
I have seen this book a handful of times, and then a dear friend highly suggested it.  After that suggestion, another friend said she would read through it with me.  Talk about the push to finally read it, ha!  I picked it up last week at the library and am already about halfway through.  It's an easy, very interesting read.  I find myself telling Max little bits of information from the book every day.  Can't wait to finish it.  
I am slightly hooked on the Baxter Family and am excited to start this next series.  Just gotta wait for it at the library...
Yeah, also started this one in January, and have yet to finish it.  I pick it up every now and then, and read chunks at a time.  It tends to make my brain go all over, which is good, so I need time to digest my thoughts before reading another chunk.  It's my goal to finish it up in the next few months.
I saw this on a few other blogs and reading lists (ahem, Chantal...), and it looks like a good read.  
 Loving the Little Years was highly recommended by a great speaker we had at a MOPS meeting a couple of months ago.  I am eager to find a copy of it.
Another turn-my-brain-off fiction.  I love books like these.  Always have, probably always will.
 This book was recommended by a good friend, and has been on my reading list for a few years and I decided it's high time I found a copy and dived right in! 
Have you read any of these books?  
Do you have a summer reading list and if so, what's on it?  
Any other suggestions out there, that I should add to mine?!

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  1. I LOVE Karen Kingsbury!!! And the Baxters. =) I actually have the book you're wanting to read. If you can't wait for the library to get it, I could mail it to you. Just let me know!

  2. I want to read that food one! And the historical one. And even that one you found at MOPS.

    I hope you like Snow Flower!

    I'm reading "1000 White Women" right now, and "Diaper Free Baby". I have soooo many others to read...

  3. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVE One Thousand Gifts :) and I have started crazy love about a million times, and never finished, don't know why I can't get interested.



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