Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today, I will choose joy.

Let me be completely honest, and say that I really, really don't want to.  At least, a part of me doesn't me.  There is this part of me that wants to cry and complain and beat my head against the wall and pout and whine.  And just be frustrated and exhausted and feel sorry for myself.  It's been a long, hard week, and it's not over yet.  There is only more to come.

But there is another part of me that knows that kind of negative response to hard situations will not be productive or beneficial in the long run.  It won't really make me feel better.  Or make the situation any easier.  Or make dealing with the kids any more fun.

So instead, today, I am choosing joy.  And grace.  And the constant asking of strength from God.  Because I can not do this on my own.  I would hide in the bathroom all day if I was doing this on my own.  But I can't.  And I won't.  Because my God is bigger and stronger.  And I can lean on Him for a strength that I can't comprehend.  Even when I don't understand or can't see, right now, how I will get through this day.

Today, I choose joy.

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  1. The days it's hardest to chose joy are the days we need it the most! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  2. I had to choose joy today too - thanks for reminding me!!

  3. Those are the toughest days!

  4. That is definitely a much-needed reminder.....



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