That one Father's Day we spent in a hospital.

Monday, June 18, 2012

It has been an adventurous few days around our house.  Max went to the ER over the weekend, and was admitted to the hospital for a painful and rapidly-growing abscess on part of his body.  They took him to surgery a day later to remove the abscess, and have been monitoring it since.  The Doc's were concerned it was related to a serious infection, so they had been waiting to get the cultures back to find out.  Found out he has a staph infection, and is being treated accordingly, so as long as everything goes well tonight, he'll be coming home in the next day or so.  

It has been a long few days.  He was by himself for the first 12 hours in the hospital, until I could go be with him (and good friends watched the kids), and was just a little bit chatty after being alone that long! I spent most of the afternoon on Father's Day, in the hospital, waiting for the surgery and hanging out him afterwards.  What a happy Father's day for him, huh?!  
I had my own Doc appt today (just a baby #3 check) and took the kids along, so we could go see Daddy afterwards.  They were really excited to see him, and I could tell it made his day as well.  All afternoon yesterday, he kept telling me how much he missed the kids.  I'm glad they were able to spend a little time with him today.
Although it's been a slightly exhausting few days, I am thankful everything has gone smoothly and nothing terribly serious was wrong.  Just praying for a quick healing and that he is able to come home soon.  I would much rather him be here, laying around, than in the hospital where I can't be with him all the time!  Oh what adventures we seem to get ourselves into!

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  1. eeek! That sounds awful for him!

  2. Ouch! Praying for quick healing!

  3. Oh no! Praying he gets to come home soon!!

  4. Not a fun way to spend Father's Day, but at least everything is ok. I'll be praying for him to come home right away. Lot's of hugs!

  5. Poor guy! I hope he gets better real quick!

  6. Goodness, hope he feels better soon!

  7. I have to say, the picture of the three of them in the hospital bed is pretty precious though!



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