The things she says. V.2

Monday, June 18, 2012

Let me set scene #1 for you: We went out to run errands late afternoon one day this week, and Max ends up convincing me to grab dinner out.  We stop by Cookout for hamburgers and milkshakes and bring it home to enjoy.  After our meal, L begs us to take our shakes out to the porch to eat.  It's a nice evening out and of course the babes think it's super special, so we head outside to sit and slurp our creamy delicious shakes.  I had poured a little bit of a strawberry milkshake into each of the babe's cups, and they were going back and forth between sitting and eating, and wondering around the porch.  L saw that my milkshake was mint chocolate chip, so I scooped her a little bit, because she was excited about the chocolate chips.

L: Mama, what's that?!  {pointing at a little black bug, not moving, on the ground}
Mama: Oh, it's a bug.  Don't worry about it.
L: Ok.
{A few minutes go by, and then for some reason, I take notice that the little black bug is no longer on the ground in front of me.}
Mama: Hey, where did that bug go?
Daddy: I dunno...
L: MMMM!  Chocolate chip!
Mama: Hey, L, did you put that bug in your cup?
L: Noooo... (in that not-so-sure tone of voice, as she looks at me guiltily, chewing on her "chocolate chip")

I am fairly certain my daughter ate the bug.  For whatever reason, I found this way too funny, and I couldn't stop laughing.  Oh well.  At least it was already dead and wasn't too big, right?!

Scene #2: It's Saturday morning and we've all just gotten up.  L is upstairs with Max, as he gets ready in the morning.  She likes to wait for him and then come downstairs with him.  I was down with Ezzy, getting breakfast and coffee started.  When they came down, this is conversation that is relayed to me:

L (seeing Max changing his underwear): Daddy, are your panties dirty?
Daddy: Yes, L, they are dirty.
L: Oh, your panties are dirty, so you change them.
Daddy: Yes, L, I am putting new ones on.
L: Ooohhh...your panties are dirty because you peed in them last night?
Daddy: Uh...nooo...Daddy's pee in the potty.
L: Ohhh.  Ok

Bwa ha ha!  I guess she thinks we only change our panties when they are peed in?  Oh potty-training!

Scene #3: Father's Day morning.  Max is not home with us at this time.

Mama: L, should we call Daddy and say 'Happy Father's Day'?
L: No...
Mama: Oh, but he would love it!  Say 'Happy Father's Day'!
L: No.  It's hard me.
Mama: It's too hard for you to say?
L: Yeah, it's hard me.
Mama: Um, ok...but you can do it! Say 'happy'!
L: It's hard me....Ezzy say it!

Uh, except dear little L, your brother only speaks in little-man grunts and words...

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  1. Ew bugs. That's so funny. She cracks me up!

  2. So cute!!! Except the bug eating part. I would have freaked out then laughed later. You have a better sense of humor than me :)



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