Sweet Love

Friday, June 15, 2012

I went to get something out of the cupboard this morning, and look what I found on the shelf, at eye-level?  A bar of chocolate, with a scribbled love note.  Apparently, when I sent Max to the store for lemons to have on hand for the making of honey-lemon water for the babies' cough, he snuck a few extras in his basket.  I've been craving chocolate for weeks now, and never buy myself any, because I see it as a waste of money, and something I don't really need.  So, it was super sweet when he remembered and picked this up - and hid it for me to find later!  He sure speaks my language - a love note on a chocolate bar?!  Mmhmmm... 

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  1. That's super sweet. I do that to my Marine sometimes cuz apparently I love feeding people.. lol



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