Auntie B Visits, part 2: beach trips, french fries & seafood

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Two weeks ago, I shared part 1 of our dear friend Brandice's visit to NC.  Here I am, finally getting around to posting the second part of her trip to see us.  The last few days she was here, were filled with lots of playtime (tent-making, coloring, legos, reading), trips to the beach, a very educational stop at a seafood shop, french fries stuck up a little girl's nose, and a fun seafood dump dinner. 

B and myself.  What a joy she is in my life.
L asked her to build a little "tent" with her blanket and read to her.  I walked around the corner to find this picture.  It was adorable, and they sat like that for awhile.  
The Ezzy boy.  I asked him where his head was, and this was his response!
The bottom part of another tent built.  We took the kitchen chairs and flung some blankets over them, to create a semi-tent.  L took a bunch of books in there again, and was reading.  I love how much the kids love to sit with books and pore over the pictures, and "read".
 Brandice and L, coloring some pictures.
 Ezzy woke up from his nap one day and was super cuddly.  
 Oh, the french fry.  If body parts or stories about body parts gross you out, continue on to the next picture, haha!  I was eating lunch with the kids.  I think Auntie B was upstairs, getting ready, as we were going to make our way to the beach for the afternoon.  I had heated up some leftover french fries, and the kids were eating them up.  All of a sudden, L started crying a lot and rubbing at her nose.  I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that there was a french fry up her nose.  I asked her why, and she told me she had put it up there.  What in the world?!  I looked up her nose and could see what I assumed was a small piece or crumb of fry, so I wiped at her nose, thinking it would come out.  It didn't.  She cried a lot and sneezed multiple times, and eventually did not want me touching her nose.  I figured a french fry would only get soft up her nose, and that it would work it's way out.  Brandice came down and I told her what happened - to which she started giggling!  After almost an hour of the french fry being up L's nose, we could once again see the end of it, and L let Brandice wipe at her nose - and she got the french fry out!  We had to document it for future story-telling!  It was a much bigger piece of french fry than I had thought, ha ha!!
 At the beach.  
 B and Ezzy, to the left.  Amy and L, to the right.  Oh the sweet women that love on my babes!
 When Brandice got here, she asked if we could do a seafood dump for dinner one night.  Basically, you take a bunch of seafood, sausage, potatoes, corn, and whatever else (sometimes we add lemon or onions or chicken, etc), and boil it in Old Bay, then dump it on the table, and dig in!  {Thanks for the idea, Meyer family!}  We stopped at a local seafood shop and had such a fun time being educated on seafood, and picking the seafood we wanted to buy - we ended up with shrimp, crab legs, scallops and oysters (for my husband).  
 After it was all cooked and right before we all dug in!
 If you look at the middle of the table, you can see the nearly gone pile of food.  We all stuffed ourselves full - it was SO delicious!!!  Great idea, B!
 Auntie B, with the kids, the day we had to take her to the airport.
It was such a wonderful visit from Brandice, and we were so thankful she was able to make the trip to be here.  We had such great conversation, fun adventures and made some great memories.  I know we all missed her a lot when she left, and are already hoping she comes back to visit again someday!

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  1. The pot of seafood is a local NC tradition! Love it.

    There's always good times to be had. We always put down newspaper though that made a mess. I like the cardboard idea.

  2. Where do you get your seafood around here? It's so different from MA seafood, I'm missing home!

  3. Eww french fry! lol I stuck a bead up my nose once and they had to bring me into the ER!

    That seafood dump is a cool idea!

  4. Yours is one of the only blogs that makes me just feel so content every time I read it. :)

  5. What fun! I love that your friend made tents and read with the kids, such great memories they will have!
    The seafood dump sounds awesome! So going to have to try that one :)



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