Auntie B Visits, part 1: books, game nights & adventures

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My dear friend, Brandice, is here in the lovely state of North Carolina for a visit.  We are loving having her here, and have been on a few adventures, to give her a little taste of our life.  The kids think it's awesome having her here - she is their new bestest friend.  It's cute.  

She read them books for awhile the first morning she was here.  
 We showed her around base, and around the area Friday, as well as had some friends over for a game night later that evening.  Of course, we ended up playing Settlers of Catan, ha!  Please note our empty bowls that had been full of Mystery Mocha Dessert and ice cream - we gladly gobbled it down!
 Saturday, we piled in the van, and headed to Wilmington for the day, and for the Azalea Festival that is held there.  There were lots of people, food vendors, crafty booths and performances.  We had an adventurous, fun day!  
The USS North Carolina battleship, all decked out.
 The entire morning, L kept asking me to see boats, so we made sure to stand by the water for awhile, watching a few boats putter by.  She told me she saw some beautiful dolphins too, but I really don't think she did, ha!  
 Ezzy was pretty excited to watch some Mexican dancing.  
 Mama and her Ezzy.
 L, chilling in her stroller.
Daddy and the Z man.  I like how he held onto Max's head the whole time.  It cracked me up.
B snapped this pretty picture of a chandelier.
We had a great day yesterday, putzing around the festival, enjoying some yummy food, and walking in the sun.  Today, we went to church, and have been hanging out, doing a lot of resting.  It's been awesome having Auntie B here - this mama was ready for some girl time with a dear friend, and the kids have been loving their playtime with her as well.  We have some fun food adventures planned (a seafood dump and homemade pizza!), as well as a trip to the beach.  Stay tuned for part 2!

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  1. Looks like fun!! How is that Settlers of Catan game? I've checked it out before but we've never played it!

  2. We were there on Saturday!! The Cutter my husband is on was there all weekend doing Tours. We were hanging out there most of the time when we weren't walking around.

  3. The festival looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad that you are having a nice time. Visits with good friends are the best :)

  4. They look like they're getting so big!



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