Rockin' the Hot Pink.

Monday, April 30, 2012

An update on L's broken hand is here at last!
{If you need a catch-up, you can read the first post, 'No hand models in this family'}
A week ago, I took her in for an Orthopedic consult.  The Doc confirmed that her hand was broken - a 5th metacarpal fracture, to be exact!  The swelling was still a bit too much, so they decided to keep it splinted another week.  A cast would have only fallen right off when the swelling went down, and we didn't want that happening!  Her hand got wrapped up really well, and we were sent on our way.  She was supposed to be wearing a sling, as much as possible, but it became very obvious that she did not appreciate it much - although she calls it her 'dinosaur'.
We went back in today, to get another set of X-rays done and to check on the progress of the swelling.  Her hand is beginning to heal and the break is very clean - meaning that they weren't going to have to set the bone.  I was a grateful mama!  And after discussing with the Doc, she settled on having a hard cast put on.  I told her that the splint fell off or got lose, and I had to re-wrap it a few times a day.  I feel much more comfortable having a hard cast put on it, so that I can worry less about the bandage falling off, and more about her little bone healing.  L was a trooper, and sat patiently while they put her hot pink (totally her choice!) cast on her arm.  It has to be all the way past her elbow, or else kids often wriggle themselves out of the cast.  She was pretty tired after our trip to the hospital today, and wasn't all about her picture being taken, but this is what I was able to catch:
She doesn't seem phased in the least, which I am thankful for.  Still running, dancing, and jumping all over the place!  We will go back in a few weeks to get the cast taken off and her hand checked again.  But for now, she is rockin' her hot pink cast!

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  1. What a trooper! And great color choice!!

  2. Aw. :( My little brother broke his arm when he was 5, and I remember thinking his cast was a little cute and a little pitiful all at the same time.

  3. What a cute little sport. Casts are not fun but at least she's little enough to not really care about it. Big hug sent her way.

  4. Speedy recovery. I broke my arm in elementary I think third grade. Hopefully she will barely remember it.



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