The day I turned 26.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned 26.  It was a lovely day, filled with lots of love, delicious food, trips to an island for a picnic, and family.  I tried to keep up with taking photos throughout the day - and I think my day yesterday can be summed up quite nicely by the hour.  Enjoy!

0630 :: Wake-up with Ezzy boy.
0730 :: Made bacon and eggs, because bacon just makes me happy - and makes getting up early oh so worth it, ha ha!
 0830 :: Max resting on the couch, bonding with Lucy.
 0930 :: Packing up our picnic basket for lunch.
 1030 ::  We headed out to catch a ferry to Bear Island, which is part of Hammocks Beach State Park.  We missed the 1030 ferry, so had to wait another hour.  We walked around and around, trying to keep the babes entertained!
 1130 ::  We were getting ready to get on the ferry, but Ezzy just wanted to keep on running.  
Little cutie.
 1230 ::  Finally make it out Bear Island and head to the beach to find a spot to picnic.  We were way ready for lunch at this point!
 1330 :: After lunch, we pack up and play on the beach for a bit.  We had anticipated rain later in the afternoon, so we didn't come fully prepared for playing on the beach, but we were still able to enjoy the water a bit.  We saw quite a few jelly-fish washed up, and found some fun rocks/shells.  
 1430: Got cleaned up and walked back across the island to the ferry pick-up.  I tried to get a picture of us on the ferry, but of course, L was super tired (and a bit ornery!) at this point, so this is the picture I have!
 1530 :: Get in the car for the half hour drive home, and the kids fall fast asleep.  They were tuckered out from their day of running and exploring!
 1630 :: Start steaming our homemade tamales.
 1730 :: Eating dinner - we made homemade beef tamales and refried beans, which went along great with the delicious tortillas and hot sauce my mom sent!
 1830 :: Max cleaned up the kitchen, while the kids and I (and Amy) walked to check the mail.
 1930 :: Got the kids in bed, leaving Max to "door duty" and enjoyed a chocolate-covered strawberry - they were awesome!  Thanks Aimee, Abby & Jillian!!
 2030 :: Went upstairs to ask Max a question and ended up sitting with him for a few minutes.  He was on "door duty" at bedtime, and happy to do it, as he is finishing up the last book of the Hunger Games series.
 2130 :: Decided on Settlers of Catan for a little evening entertainment.
 2230 :: Of course, my birthday would not be complete without Dirt Cake!  It's pretty much my favorite and I've it quite a few birthdays.  Yes, I know I am 26 and still eating Dirt Cake for my birthday.  No shame!!!
By 2330, I was passed out, dog-tired, in my warm bed.  My day had been great - there were many birthday wishes and fun gifts - but overall, it had just been lovely to spend the day with my little family (and Mark & Amy in the evening!), and enjoy getting outside for awhile!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! That sounds like you had a great day!

  2. Sounds like a good day. I love dirt cake too!

  3. Happy birthday! It sounds perfect! And the dirt cake is AWESOME!

  4. I think you should post the recipe for dirt cake, it sounds delicious!

    Happy birthday again :)

  5. Happy Birthday sweet friend. I'm so happy it was a great day. It sure looks like it was fun and full of little joy moments.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! It looks like it was well spent. How did yall like Bear Island? If yall have more time and sans Babes, on the west side of the island are little estuaries to explore or just bring the babes, the water isn't as deep as the regular ocean and you can find interesting things lurking in the water. Did ya find any sand dollars? We always found a lot when we went there.
    Also, they should have a FREE family day coming up for military, too!

  7. Happy Birthday! That looks like such a wonderful day!

  8. Oh, I'm so sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday a few days ago!! :(
    Happy belated Birthday!
    It looks like it was a wonderfully happy day! ")



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