No hand models in this family!

Monday, April 23, 2012

My children, obviously, are not meant to be hand models.  Ever.  Yesterday, a shelf fell on L's hand at church, so we were called out of the service to attend to her.  The bruising and swelling was immediate and significant, and we left church and headed to the ER.  Max stayed with Z for the afternoon, and L and I spent the majority of our day at the hospital.  We were there a total of 6 hours - it was a long day, to say the least!  They took X-rays of her hand and then we waited and waited and waited to see a Doc.  I guess it was a busy Sunday in the ER!

I was so proud of L, because she hardly cried all day long.  She hung out in her stroller and even fell asleep for an hour while we waited. We ate snacks and she snuggled with her blanket.  Oh, and we overheard the conversation of another patient - a little boy who stuck an acorn up his nose - definitely made the french fry that L stuck up her nose last week not look so bad!

We finally made it in to see a Doc, and she verified that L had broken her hand, hence the swelling and bruising.  Because of the swelling, they could not cast it yesterday.  They wrapped it up really good, and got out a little-bitty sling for L to wear, and we were sent on our way home.  Today, we will go back in, to see an Orthopedic Doc, and hopefully get the bone set and hard-cast.

My little L is quite the trooper.  She didn't fuss much at all, and has not really cried about her hand hurting.  She is conscious of it and seems to keep it out of the way, and doesn't use it.  She woke up singing and dancing and attempting to jump on her bed, so I took that as a good sign that she is doing great.  She doesn't seem to notice that her hand is broken or seem to be in pain, which makes me a much more relaxed mama!  She is way more concerned about wearing her "dinosaurs" (her sling) than about her hand, ha!!

I am praying that today goes smoothly and quickly at our Ortho consult, and that when they have to set the bone, that it's as pain-free as possible.  I think L will just be excited for a fun cast on her arm, and for her "owie" to be fixed by the Doctor!

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  1. Wow, sounds like a tough little girl!

  2.!!! Poor L!! But what a trooper! I can't say that I would be quite as chipper if I had broken my hand. Hope all goes well today!

  3. Sorry to hear that, praying all goes well today!

  4. What a trooper! Poor girl. It probably hurt you more than it hurt her, it seems.

  5. Goodness sake! Poor baby. I'm glad she's handling it so well.



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