It's the little things: messy counters, duct tape stars & chai tea

Friday, February 17, 2012

Our week has been full of lots of little moments, that if I had not stopped to appreciate, I may just have missed completely.  So glad I grabbed my camera over and over, to snap pictures and remind myself that it's the little, "small" things that really do make our weeks so special and unique.  

A messy counter meant Max was home from his 3-week field exercise.  It was strangely comforting.
 Z has been super cuddly lately, and everyday after breakfast, he toddles over to me, stretches his arms up and grunts for me to pick him up.  He then lays his head down on my shoulder and makes a "awwww" sound.  It's adorable.  When I went to capture the moment, he, of course, turned into a ham!
Our crumbly red, white and blue Valentine's Day cookies.  Made me smile everytime.
L asked me to take her picture, after watching Z get his taken.  I love her cheesy smile.
 We've been working on potty-training a lot lately, and after L goes, she asks for a sticker (she LOVES stickers).  We were out of stickers on Monday, so I came home from my appointment to find a homemade duct tape star sticker that Max made for her.  I thought it was so cute that he took the time to make her a sticker - out of duct tape no less, ha!
 I love seeing Baby #3's first photograph every time I walk by the fridge.  
After dinner playtime turned into let's-blow-raspberries-on-daddy's-tummy the other night.  It was hysterical and the kids thought it was SO funny to make Daddy laugh so hard.
Drinking hot chai (with a little squeeze of honey and a splash of milk!) in the mornings is the best.
 Eating a special pudding treat on Valentine's Day.  They were so focused!
Give me all the Caesar Salad!!!  Is it strange that now I want some for breakfast?!  

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  1. Oh I love it! Random little things are always my favorite. Have I mentioned how excited I am for you? I have? Oh, well I"M STILL SO EXCITED! :)

    1. Thanks, friend :) Hope you have an awesome weekend!!!

  2. This is such an awesome 'little things' list, Kaylee!! I totally know what you mean about the messy counter being such a happy sight! :) Your little ones are so sweet and congrats on #3! We have our babe's ultrasounds on the fridge and it's just so fun to see them!

    Thanks for linking up with me! Have a great weekend!

  3. It's pretty bad that your 'messy counter' looks cleaner than my clean one!
    Your kiddos are adorable!
    Popping over from the little things link-up!



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