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Saturday, February 18, 2012

I FINALLY got around to making a little button for my blog!  If you'd like to grab it and put it on your blog, you are more than welcome!
Max & Kaylee
 I must admit, I do enjoy puttering around on the blog, making little graphics...although each time I start working on it, more ideas come to me and I always start to get that itch to change things around.  Don't worry though...I like my design as it is for now and there is plenty I can do with fonts/headers/colors if I feel like a little change here or there.  

Hope you're having a happy Saturday.  Ours has been lazy and quiet, filled with walks outside in the gorgeous weather, playtime, garage-shelf-building-for-Daddy, and a trip for a donut or two :)  

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  1. I like the button! It's up on my "Favorite Blog Reads" page :) I love playing around with mine and trying new things. It's the biggest kick when I finally figure something new out! Your's look great!



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