Little Things on Saturday: Coffee & Tea edition

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hello!  Apparently I took a week-long blogging hiatus...or I had a busy week?!  Last weekend, Max was off Saturday through Tuesday (which was AWESOME!!), and by the time he went back to work on Wednesday, this weekend felt like it came really fast!  It was a good week - filled with housecleaning, lots of playtime with the babes, and quiet nights for Max and I (once that dear daughter of ours finally goes to sleep...but that's a topic for another day).  

I snapped a few pictures during our last week, and as I started looking back through them, I realized there was a strong coffee and tea theme!  Here are some of the little moments from this past week:

It would appear that we start our kids early on coffee...
The only picture I took on date night.  Friends of ours were willing to watch the kids last Monday night, so Max and I headed out to a local coffeeshop, and then later moseyed out for dinner - we had super delicious seafood, baked brie, caeser salad (hahaha!), and good mama-daddy conversation.  It was a lovely night, and I am already eager for our next date night.
Breakfast time with these two faces always starts the morning right.
For some reason, drinking my tea out of this pretty mug makes me feel ultra sophisticated.  
The Z man, watching fish.  He toddles in that room every so often, points and says "Shhh!", and stands to watch for a few minutes.  I guess he's following in his daddy's footsteps with a love for fish.  
Crocodile tears.  We probably took his coffee away or something. 
 Tea time (complete with apple juice "tea" for L, and homemade pumpkin white chocolate chip muffins) with Daddy and Mama, during Ezra's naptime. 
Saturday morning cartoons.  They were mesmerized - I think we were watching old-school episodes of Tom & Jerry.  Kept the babes entertained for a few minutes at least!
Sometimes, Lucy's face is so sweet and cute that I forget how impossibly incorrigable she can be on a regular basis.  What a goofy dog.

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  1. Monkey pajamas!! What great photos =)

  2. I seriously want to just come spend a day with you! Your children are so cute.. Ezra is such a chunk! And your dog.. seriously has my heart already =)
    I love your mug, I need one like that! It's like a teacup/mug haha! And I like that picture of Ezra looking at the fish. Something about the onesie, back of his head, barefeet... just screams cute baby! =)

  3. I <3 your little family. I can't wait to see what the next one is like!

  4. What great photos! The crocodile tear is priceless! Your kiddos are so darn cute :)



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