Our Valentine Cookies

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I made cut-out, frosted sugar cookies for Valentine's Day.  In my head, they were going to be heart-shaped with shiny red and pastel purple and light pink frosting, with little sparkly sprinkles on top.  When I started cutting out the cookies, I found a little star cookie cutter, and thought out how it would look to use it - I figured they would make perfect little cookies for the kids to hold (or just become the perfect size to pop in your mouth!).  So, I started cutting them out...and all of a sudden, I realized I had used up half the dough on star cookies for Valentine's Day.  I quickly switched over to hearts.
 The cookies all came out of the oven and I began putting the frosting together.  I went to grab the dye, and realized I had NO red food coloring at ALL!  What?!  No shiny red or pastel purple or light pink?! I started laughing pretty hard.  And then quickly decided to just go with turquoise blue and pistachio green instead.  Oh.  And the sprinkles!?  Mostly red, white and blue!  Bwa ha ha!  So we ended up with a lot of red, white and blue star cookies, green and blue hearts, and white with red sprinkles.  I was chuckling to myself the entire time.  
And then I really started to think about our cookies.  And how, really, they are such a good representation of us, of Max and I, of our little family.  I think sometimes we get the idea that love is this perfectly cut-out thing, with shiny edges and beautiful little sprinkles dotting the top.  And it's not...at least OURS is not.  We are so far from being perfect, and so often situations in our lives come out just a little bit different than we expected.  We might not have it all together, and we certainly have a lot to learn, but life around here?  It sure is good.  In a growing, humbling, stretching, we-are-learning-SO-much kind of way.  I love my husband and babes dearly, more than I can express, and yet, it is not always easy or glamorous or perfect...but it sure is gloriously good.  
So, excuse me now, while I go eat our goofy green and blue and red, half-broken cookies...because while they might not emulate all things Valentine's Day...they sure do taste good :)

Oh, and if you are feeling all lovey, you can read our love story part 1 and part 2

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  1. What a great post - the cookies still look delicious, even if they are the perfect little Valentine's ones! :)

  2. Awh, you're such a sweetie. I love this post! Our families are so much a like its almost crazy like. Happy Valentines (well, belated) Day!

  3. So true. :) Perfection is so overrated.



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