Random: Caesar Salad, Gender & Real Steel

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I keep coming back to this 'new post' page, and my mind keeps drawing a million blanks, although I know there is a lot going on in my head.  The house is quiet (which I must say, is a rarity, and a real treat!): Max came home from work early, but passed out on the couch with the blanket tucked snugly all around his body; the babes are snuggled fast in their beds for naptime while it drips a steady stream outside their window; and I got Lucy a new bone, so even she is glued to the floor and is miraculously quiet.  It's quite lovely.  I've gotten all the groceries put away, and have done most of my tasks for the day, which is satisfying.  The steady dripping outside?  And the grey day?  Makes me want to curl up in a cozy chair, with a cup of hot chai tea, and work on the book I just picked up at the library.  Maybe once the babes are in bed for the night, I'll find the time to do that...

Baby #3.  I know, right?!  SURPRISE!!!   Thanks for all the congratulatory remarks!  We are very excited.  I've known for quite awhile, actually.  According to the ultrasound lady, the little Sesame will be born September 20 (although, according to my last period, the due date was September 1...so we'll see when the babe decides to greet the world...), and I am just at the 9 week mark.  Still early on in the pregnancy.  I feel very similar to the last two - really tired, boughts of nausea, incredibly hormonal, etc, but nothing crazy or knock-me-out-of-commission, which is good, because I have to keep up with L and Z!  

I cried watching the movie 'Real Steel'.  No joke.  Max looked at me like I was on whack.  I might have been.  Or, I am just pregnant.  Twice.  I cried twice.  Have you seen the movie?  Have you heard of it?  Do you know me?  I don't cry ever.  At anything.  Or, I never used to cry ever.  At anything.  Since having kids, and even more so, since being pregnant, I cry all.the.time.  Max tries not to laugh.  It's pretty comical.  Here I am, watching a movie about a big steel fighter robot, crying all over my husband.  Oh boy.  I giggle about it now.  

Everybody keeps asking about baby #3 and gender.  Probably because we have two babes and we have one of each already.  We've talked about not finding out at all before the little one is born.  I think it would be fun to wait.  Make me crazy with anticipation, but definitely worth the wait!  So, for now, we're not going to find out.  

I've still been working out, which I must say, I am quite proud of myself for.  I want to try and stay healthy and active during this pregnancy - I know I'll feel better about myself and my body will be much happier.  In a month or two, I'll really have to start modifying some things or looking for a prenatal workout, but for now, my body is happy that I am still moving it.  

Oh my gosh, give me all the caesar salad.  I just want some.  Right now.  I get weird cravings lately.  Go figure.  And most of them are fleeting.  Like last night.  We put the kids to bed and I was reading a magazine, and suddenly wanted macaroni-and-cheese.  Random.  And then it passed.  But not caesar salad.  I've wanted it for over a week.  So what did I come home with today?  Yep.  Caesar dressing, croutons, cheese and lettuce.  We're making our own.  It doesn't really go with the refried bean burritos we are having tonight, but I don't really care - I need me some caesar salad!  Ha! 

It's Thursday, and usually I have a song to share on Thursdays, but like I said earlier, I keep drawing a million blanks.  Hence the random thoughts and stories.  Oh!  I heard a door open upstairs...I think a certain little daughter of mine is awake...and plus, it's about time to drool over caesar salad...

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  1. That is just awesome. So exciting! I think I'll be the same way if we have another one- how incredible would it be to not know until the doctor holds them up and announces it? It'd be a long wait, but really cool in the end. :)

  2. I think if I had a boy and a girl already, I would wait to find out the third one. How fun!

  3. That would be so hard!!! I don't know if I could do it. But I really need some of your courage when it comes to having bambinos!
    So glad you are feeling pretty well. I am proud of you for still working out. That must be rough with two kiddo's, a hubby, dog, and being preggo. It's a lot to take out of you! Now go eat some salad!!! Enjoy!

  4. I'm so glad you're feeling pretty well! I know that's a blessing with two little ones! Isn't it so funny how cravings can come and go... or some just stay. Pregnancy is so crazy! :)

  5. I'm so excited for you! I agree with you on the gender. We already have one of each and I think if we were to have another I would want to wait until it was born for the surprise. How fun!



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