The way he moves.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Z man is not one for pomp and circumstance.  
Nor does he like a big to-do. 
He does things when he is good and ready.
He's proven that he does things on his own time, in his own way.
Like with trying to get him to take a bottle.
Or sleep through the night.
We tried over and over.
We tried various tactics.
To no avail.  
He didn't want that silly bottle, only mama.
And sleep for more than a couple hours through the night, even at 7 and 8 months old?
Heck no!
  I think it's because he just didn't want to.
Stubborn boy!

Same story with walking.  
He's 14-months and up until 2 days ago, he showed absolutely no interest in walking by himself.
Sure, he would hold onto furniture and walk around things.
But if you enticed him to take a few steps, or held his hands, he would plop down and refuse to move.
I don't know if crawling was deemed a faster movement.
Or if he wasn't confident in his body and abilities.
Or if he just plain did not want to walk by himself yet.
But a couple days ago!  
He walked!  
He took 2 or 3 steps from the table to his daddy!
And we looked at each other, got big silly grins on our faces, and started cheering for him!
Go Ezra, Go!
It was a moment that seemed to stand still in time.
Of COURSE he would do it in his own time, on his own agenda.

In a quiet moment, after dinner, he took his first unaccompanied steps.
And it was exciting to watch.
Especially as his daddy looked at me, with wonder and pride in his eyes.
Sometimes, in the midst of raising babies, it can be messy and loud and chaotic.
But then there are moments like this one...calm, quiet moments...that fill us with immense joy.

My favorite part about Z walking?  
He will now take 3-4 choppy, semi-confident steps between us.
When he gets about a step away, he shrieks with delight and launches himself at us, falling into ourarms and laps, laughing like it's the best thing in the entire world.  
That hysterical laughter and shrieking and throwing of himself is the best.
It brings the biggest smile to my face.
And we can't help but laugh along.

In his own time, and certainly in his own way, our little man has started walking!

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  1. AWWEEEE! Adorable. Way to go, Ezra!!!

  2. Yea!! So exciting. He and Millie are just late bloomers. :)

  3. Go Ezra!!! It's so amazing when they first start walking.. definitely a big proud moment in a parents life!! =)
    Your husbands pj pants are pretty sweet lol

  4. So precious!! So happy for you guys!

  5. That last pic of Z is a duplicate of your face in a pic I have of you:) I need to find it to show you - deja vu!!! Yay Z!



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