Our Aquarium trip: octopus, a live dive & Uncle Kyle.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

It's been a busy week filled with lots of fun outings and activities. 
I mentioned that my brother was in town, visiting, and we've been keeping a packed schedule.
Drives around the area, trips to Dunkin' Donuts (he doesn't get to experience them in MN!), 
excursions to the beach, game nights, movies, an aquarium visit, 
and he even treated Max and I to dinner out - we had a blast going to a place with Dueling Pianos!

It must be obvious by now how much we love the Aquarium.  
I think I've posted on it a few times before, but it truly never gets old for us
Especially as the kids continue growing - they keep seeing new things each time!
This particular visit, we were able to watch a Live Dive, which we have never seen before.
That was pretty cool, and we learned a few new facts about sharks.

I'll stop chattering away, and let the pictures share our trip to the aquarium...

I want to caption this picture, "Oh! Ezzy, do you need help?  Let me help you with that!"
L is such a great little helper (most of the time, lol!), especially when Z needs something.
L, and her Uncle Kyle.  
She adores him. And he is fantastic with her!
Big fish!
Snakes // Fish // Turtles // Family picture // Live Dive!! // Octopus
Ezzy wanted to get down and crawl around the entire time.  
Finally, towards the end, at the big tank, we let him out.  
He crawled to the window, and "woah-ed" over and over again.
It was precious.
I have this rather newfound fascination with octopus.
They are just so interesting.
And sort of intimidating, all at the same time.  
Have you ever watched videos of them?
Seriously, so fascinating!
The octopus was super active when we were there, and I could not stop watching it!
 Don't know if you noticed the dress that L was wearing in the photos?  
 Isn't it adorable?  
We won it through Chambanachik's Christmas Giveaway that she put on in December.
It was made by K @ The New Normal, and we think it's absolutely adorable!
The minute we opened the package, L wanted to rip her clothes off and try it on.
She HAD to wear it right away!  
So excited to have won, and even more excited because we won an awesome dress for L!
Thanks K!!

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  1. I love the aquariums around here! And your pictures came out MUCH better than any picture I ever took at them!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great day! L's dress is super cute!

  3. Love the Aquariums. DId yall go to PKS or Wilmington? One of the Wilmington divers was also one of my proffs at UNCW. Very cool.

    Oh, and that dress is very adorable, are there adult ones? :)

  4. L is soooo pretty! Love her eyes!

  5. Yay! So glad the dress arrive, fit and most importantly that you like it! She looks ADORABLE in it too! :) Thanks for posting pictures!

    Your day at the aquarium looks so fun! I love having family in town, we always do things we wouldn't normally take the time to do when company is around! Glad that you all are having such a good time!



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