Moose shirts, blue hats & swinging.

Monday, January 02, 2012

On New Year's Eve day, we took a walk.  
To the park.  
It was lovely outside.
 Ezra rode in the Cozy Coupe car.
He thought that was pretty stellar.
 L had on her blue hat from Auntie Kari.
Auntie Kari is L's godmother.
And sent her this precious blue hat (with a matching sweater, and purse!).
From the Dominican Republic.
I might have gotten all teary-eyed when we got it.
Oh! And L has on her outfit from Auntie B.
It is darling on her.
We have some good aunties, let me tell you...
Z, in his outfit from Auntie B.
I told you she is a good auntie - moose shirts and camo pants?!
I like to say he's adorable.
But Max prefers saying he's a stud.
 We like swinging in our family.
It's true.  
I think I like it the most!
That concludes our walk on NYE photos.  
The entire day was low-key and awesome.
We played, slept, took aforementioned walk, and ate lots of yummy food.
There may or may not have been chili-cheese dip and spinach-artichoke dip for dinner.
And chocolate cake with peppermint goodness for dessert.
My mouth is salivating just thinking about it all.

Once the babes were tucked in their beds, and fast asleep, Max and I pulled out the good stuff...
You may see books, champagne, coffee, and remotes in the picture.
That is because we sipped champagne, watched an episode or two of Lost, read books, and then watched the ball drop in Times Square at midnight.
It was a quiet evening, but suited us perfectly.
You can see for yourself...
Bwa ha ha!
That was after said activities and we may have become a bit overly-tired-crazy.  
It was past midnight and we never stay up that late!
Oh the joys of New Year's Eve! 

Well, I must excuse myself now.
The brother is in town for his first visit to our NC home.
And apparently it is movie night.

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  1. Similar to our New Years Eve...Trip to the park and an evening where we were joined by scared toddlers though. Despite that, it was fun. I love your personality chicka! You crack me up!

  2. looks like a very nice night!

    That hat is adorable.

  3. Nice evening! Ours was super low key too.

  4. Yay! Oh thank you, thank you for the pictures in their cute outfits! I'm so glad you like them! What a nice low key way to spend the day. BTW, don't you just love the Hunger Games series?! Love all you guys, Auntie B!



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