Happy 2nd Birthday, Eliana!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It seems surreal to think that it was two years ago today when our daughter, Eliana, was born into the world and celebrated her very first BIRTHday!  I remember the 24 hours of labor, the women that surrounded me, the joy I had at finally seeing her little face, the tears on the faces of those around, the fuzzy computer screen where Max peered through to see his daughter 
the best he could.  
These two years have gone by quickly - as time always seems to have a way of doing.  When I found out I was pregnant with Eliana, I don't think I knew I was ready, or that I wanted, to be a mama yet. And now, I can't imagine not being her mama.  
  Eliana means 'Yahweh has answered' and still, to this day, that truly says it all in my mind. God knew what He was doing when He gave her to us.  She has changed my life.  She has changed our lives. I am blessed and honored that God has entrusted her to us, to raise, to train, to grow up into a woman that honors and reflects her Maker
 L has such the personality.  She is independent, very determined, particular about everything,
 organized, vocal, and overall excited about life.
(the picture below cracks me UP!)
 L loves going to the park, playing with Lucy, watching Finding Nemo, helping me around the house, giving hugs and kisses,
her Daddy, reading books all day long, and making sure I know what is going on!  
L adores her brother and they really do get along so well.  Yes, we have our moments of learning to live in community - in which there are lessons on sharing, not hitting, not biting, etc - but overall, they get along so well
and love to make each other belly-laugh out loud.
 It makes us laugh out loud to hear her say 'guacamole', 'coyote', or 'pterodactyl'.  She is always getting us to laugh with her silly antics - spinning around in circles shouting 'ashes, ashes, all DOWN', or jumping up and down as hard as she can,
or "scaring" us by "sneaking up" on us and shouting 'BOO'!
 (She was helping me with laundry one day and we decided to play a little dress-up.  Wearing some of Daddy's clothes.  She put the socks on her hands, of course - it's one of her favorite things to do!)
We love our little Eliana and are so blessed by her in our lives.
Today is a day we reflect on God bringing her into our lives and celebrate the joy she brings to those around her.  
Happy Birthday Eliana!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Little Eliana. She's so pretty and seems full of life.

  2. Happy Birthday, L. BIG HUG from Minnesota!

  3. Happy birthday, Eliana!

    I felt the same way about motherhood when I found out there was going to be a Millie- it's crazy how beautifully life-changing babies are. :)

  4. Two years ago today, I had the awesome privilege to support my dear friend as she delivered one of God's great blessings, Eliana Kathleen. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I hold her dear to my heart!! Happy Birthday, dear girl! Lots of love!

  5. Happy birthday!!! Such a beautiful little girl!



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