L's Birthday Fun

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yesterday was L's 2nd birthday and we had such a fun day celebrating.  I don't think she really understood what was going on or why we were being all crazy or what the big deal was, but STILL, I had a blast making her birthday special!  

She woke up to pink and purple balloons floating around the house, a birthday banner (don't mind my ghetto duct-tape holding it up, ha ha!) and a yummy breakfast (heart-shaped cheesy eggs and bacon on an English Muffin!)!
L got a fun, helium balloon from her Auntie Amy, who came over to play in the morning with the kids while I attended a meeting.  She also chose to watch 101 Dalmatians - we usually only turn the TV on once or twice a week to watch part of a movie, so it was definitely a treat for her!
At lunch, L wanted a sandwich (go figure!), so I made her a grilled cheese (with some turkey snuck in!)  with applesauce.  And a special chocolate-oatmeal-peanut butter treat for dessert!
 Our living room looked like this much of the day...toys everywhere, balloons floating in and around things...sunlight streaming in - it was a lovely, bright, (warm!) day out!
 Eliana thought it was hysterical to throw balloons all over the place - we moved a lot of balloons around yesterday :)
 The birthday girl!
 This week is a super busy work week for Max.  He worked a 16-hour day on Monday and was supposed to work another one yesterday, but they cut him late afternoon so he could come celebrate L's birthday with us.  We picked him up right before dinner, enjoyed super delicious Shrimp Fettucine Alfredo (when asked what she wanted, L told me shrimp.  How funny!), took a walk to the dog park, and then skyped with Babu and Bibi, to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake!
(Please ignore the mass amounts of stuff hanging out on the counter...a certain husband likes to accumulate all sorts of gear/works-in-progress there...)
 I used a giant cupcake form to make her cake, but it ended up looking more like a giant blob-cake.  Oh well.  It was tasty and she didn't care what it looked like!!!!  Plus, the frosting ended up being absolutely amazing :)  She did a great job blowing out the candles.
We had such a fun day celebrating L's birthday!

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  1. It's completely a guy trait to pile stuff that should be in a workshop or garage on the kitchen counters. It's common practice in our household, too.

    Cute way of celebrating without breaking the bank or going ALL OUT like I have seen on the interwebs. I'm sure she loved it, or at least the Balloons.

  2. too cute and so much fun!! i wish you were closer so we all could celebrate together! love you lady!!

  3. That's awesome! Sounds like she had everything she could have wanted. :)

    (Millie has that same shirt, by the way. Although, I bet she wear a bigger size than L, lol!)

  4. Perfection! And I agree, what a perfect way to celebrate with out spending a huge amount of money on a celebration. And I love the cupcake cake! Happy Birthday L!

    And on a side note-- I am so impressed on how little TV you guys are watching. I wish I could say the same thing...however I can't.

  5. I love the blob cake! I want one!

    haha, I'm SO happy you had such a fun day. Wish I had been there to help love and spoil her :)

    Let her know that I love, miss and pray for her always. Also that I have a little something that I'll probably be able to send out around Christmas time ;) WOO-HOO!



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