Our adventure at the Mullet Festival!

Monday, October 17, 2011

I wrote about going to the Mullet Festival last weekend and am finally getting around to sharing some pictures we took there.  We had a really fun time and are definitely wanting to try to go again next year!  There were plenty of vendors selling all kinds of crafts, cute trinkets and fun gifts.  There was greasy, fried food, in all its delicious glory.  There was live entertainment that kept us swaying in our seats and captured the kid's attention (for at least a little while!).  There was ocean and boats and birds.  There was absolutely gorgeous weather with mostly clear skies and a light breeze.  It was beautiful and we really did have a good time - until our trek back to the car, when Ezra's stroller tipped onto him - but that's another story!

L-belle, being all cool in mama's sunglasses.   
 A few of the vendors, selling fun things.  
 The babes, chilling in their strollers and taking it all in.
Contrary to what we originally thought, the Mullet Festival originated to celebrate the opening of a bridge in the town - and Mullet is a type of fish, not just a hairdo (although there were a few people sporting mullet wigs!).  Of COURSE, we wanted to try mullet, which I don't think is a hugely popular food, but we were being adventurous.  We had no idea what to expect and when they handed us the almost-whole, fried fish, we looked at each other and started laughing!  But we carefully pulled out the bones and found the meat.  It was really good - a light, white fish - we all enjoyed trying it!  And, the french fries were out-of-this-world good!
 We also enjoyed some corn-on-the-cob, as well as an Apple Jack pastry for dessert.  It was a fun meal!
We attempted a family picture, although many of them turned out fuzzy, or the kids weren't looking. It's hard getting those little babes to look at the camera, at the same time :)
 It was seriously such a gorgeous night.  
 The kids, taking it all in.  Ezzy was people-watching/checking out the live band.  L was carefully watching Amy get her Dippin Dots.
 L asked super nicely for a bite of Amy's dippin dots and got to share most of it - lucky little girl!
And that concludes our adventure at the Mullet Festival 2011!

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  1. Great pictures! She makes that corn on the cob look so delicious!

  2. Looks like it was a good night until the accident!

  3. Oh goodness, that makes me miss it even more! Thanks for sharing "home".

  4. Perfection :)
    These little moments are what make up life! Always happy to see your smiling faces and watching your family grow! YOU MAKE ME HAPPY!

  5. Oooh! I wish there were fun festivals like this near us! You're totally brave for trying the mullet fish. I don't think I could've done it.

  6. Looks awesome. And your 'imperfect' family pictures are still ridiculously cute!

  7. It looks like yall had a good time. So fun!



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