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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Whew!  We've been busy and I've been trying to make time to blog!  Our trip to take Ezra to the burn center was on Friday and it went well.  The rest of this weekend was filled with deep-cleaning the garage, yard work, making hanging ghosts to hang outside our door, having friends over for homemade Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza (oh my gosh, it was amazing!) and Scrabble, church, long naps, family walks and house decorating - it's been a full, busy weekend and yet, it's still felt low-key, relaxing and so satisfying!  

Anyways, I come bearing an update on Ezra tonight.  With promises to share (finally!) our Mullet Festival pictures tomorrow, and my latest crafts in the next few days.  Plus, we have a certain little girl turning 2 this week and I've been writing some lines to our story in my head - can't wait to start sharing it soon!

Friday morning, we packed lunches in the car and loaded in for our trip to Chapel Hill - it ended up being about 2.5 hours of driving, but it went fast and the kids did great.  We met with a Doc in the burn center at the hospital.  She was really nice and almost immediately diagnosed him with a chemical burn.  I am still a bit unsure about this, as I have no idea how he could have come into contact with chemicals.  Max and I still believe that something on the bandaids we put on caused this chemical-like burn.  But the Doc said it looks just like a chemical burn to her.

A few pictures I took Friday morning, to see the burn (it's not terrible) and the swelling of his fingers, per a few requests...sorry if it grosses you out... 
So, they re-dressed his hand, we received direction on how to change his bandage, got instructions to come back in a week, and were sent to see the Occupational Therapist.  

His hand now looks like this...it's the 3rd type of bandage/dressing he's had on and Max has dubbed it 'club 3.0' - I still call him clubby :)
So (my brain is slowly shutting off, haha!), that is what we know.  It appears to be a chemical burn, although we are going to be extra cautious and watchful with bandaids/adhesives from now on.  We go back to see the Doc at Chapel Hill in a week, for a follow-up and to make sure it's healing well.  The Occupational Therapist gave us some simple exercises to work on with Ezra, to make sure we maintain movement of his hand, while it has to be wrapped up.  He is still in extremely good spirits.  Even at the Doc, when they had to pop all his blisters, he just sat and watched them - they were amazed he didn't kick and scream.  Max and I are becoming pros at dressing his hand and making sure it stays on throughout the day.  When we took off his bandage yesterday, his hand already looked better (which we were way excited about!) and the swelling is beginning to go down, praise the Lord!  Thanks to everybody who has been praying for us and for the Z man, and for all who have been supporting us/talking to us/answering questions - we really appreciate y'all :)

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  1. Poor lil clubby! But such a sweetie! So glad it's getting better. And sometimes I swear doctor's don't always know what they are talking about. I would be with you on thinking it was probably something on the bandaid that he has a chemical reaction to. It's not like he was playing chemistry set in the kitchen.

  2. Oh poor little guy. That makes my heart hurt :( Atleast he's feeling ok. I'm so glad yall had a good weekend. It's rejuvenating and good for the soul. Sweet luvins!!

  3. :( poor guy but hey that is what my hand will look like if I put a bandaid on it like I was telling you. Only I get more blisters and they end up popping. And exercise away cause you don't want his skin to be tight. Good thing he's young he'll heal quickly and best part is he won't remember much.

  4. I'm so glad to hear that things are on the up, and that Ezra and your normal family life are getting back to normal!! Praise God!!

  5. He's one tough little boy! Praying for a fast recovery for him.

  6. Glad he's starting to improve! (And that pizza sounds awesome, btw.)



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