We love books.

Friday, July 08, 2011

We love books around here.
No, for real, we LOVE books.
I think we read at least 25 books every day. 
And sometimes we read the same book over and over and over again.
I think it's fantastic that L loves to read so much.
She definitely has her favorite books, which is fun, and changes by the day.
Max and I both love to read as well, so it's been fun to cultivate and then see this love for books grow.

L, reading one of our faves - the "star" book.
It's about the birth of Jesus and at the end, there is a star that lights up!
 "Hey Ezzy, want a book?"
L, sharing the "bear" book with Z.
 Ezra, contemplating the merits of the bear book.
Note that our entertainment center is shoved full of books, ha ha!
 Reading together!
Too cute.
What a happy boy, with his book!
It's raining here this morning, which I am LOVING!
We have desperately needed a good rain and it's fun to hear it beating down on the ground.
I just got dinner started in the crockpot an hour ago, so feel like today can be relaxing!
We don't have much planned for this weekend, 
although I am thinking another trip to the Farmer's Market is definitely in order!

I just put the babes down for their morning nap, but right beforehand, 
I caught Ezzy scooting all the way from the living room to the little nook next to the desk, 
where Lucy sleeps on her bed.
He was on a mission to see her, I guess, and I just sat back and watched.
He scooted all the way up the edge of her bed, where she had been laying, alert, 
waiting for him to get to her.  
Once he got to her, he reached out his little chunky hand and GRAB!
He had a fistful of her cheek in his hand, ha ha!
It was super cute.
She just sat there and let him mash his hands all over her face and feet.
Sometimes she really does surprise me!  Puppy love!
And then, L came over to check out the situation and Lucy decided it was time to dance around a bit, 
so Z was plucked off the floor and we were shortly on our way to take a nap!

Update on Ezzy:
He is doing better today.  
We had a bit of a rough night, but he seems to be doing better today.
I'm hoping for continued improvement!

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  1. Cute post.

    Z is so smiley in that picture, so sweet!

  2. My dog lets kids do all kinds of things to him. Sit on him, bounce on him, pull his tail, his ears, etc. He just hates when they mess with his feet!

  3. Millie is the same way, and I'm so thankful!

  4. Yay, I'm so glad she likes the star book! :)

  5. P.S. I CAN COMMENT NOW!!! :) YAY!!



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