Do all Basset Hounds sleep like this?

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Oh, Lucy.
She seriously cracks me up and makes me scratch my head.
She has SUCH a personality, let me tell you.
Today, we were going about our day, doing the usual thang.
I think we were in the middle of getting breakfast ready, when I looked out the window.
And what do I see?
Lucy, snoozing away, in the middle of the porch, relaxed as can be.
And I started laughing.
Is that even comfortable?!

A little later in the day, I found her passed out like this:
And then, later again (yes, she likes to be outside!), she was stretched out like this:
This all reminded me that if she's in her crate, sleeping, I'll often find her on her back, with her feet all flopping around.  I just think it's hysterical that she sleeps on her back so much!  
What a character our baby (not so much anymore!) Basset Hound is!
Oh, by the way, she's gotten long enough, so she can stand on her hind legs and steal things off the counter. She's incorrigible and a horrible lover of all things food-related.  Gotta keep my eye on her!

Quick Note:
Baby Ezzy doesn't feel so well - he was doing alright all day, and then before dinner, started fussing.
We calmed him down and went on a walk.
When we got home, he was really warm and fussy again.
We bathed him, got him dressed and I fed him.
He then proceeded to projectile (Max says it was pretty impressive...) vomit (yeah, TMI...) all over.
Pretty sure all the formula that went into his belly came right back out.
Poor little guy.
He finally fell asleep and has been out since.
I'm just hoping the sleeping (and feeling better?!) lasts through the night...

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  1. Every single one of the labrador retrievers my family had while I was growing up and the ones they have now sleep just like your dog! All over the place- back, side, stretched out along a wall facing it... hilarious!

    Saying a prayer for Ezzy tonight... hope he gets better!

  2. Oh goodness, the best pictures I have of my dog and cat are them sleeping on their backs. It seems to be their preferred position!

  3. So funny!

    My mom just did a few posts about their dog and his sleeping positions too - if you're interested :)



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