Is the weekend really over?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

We were fortunate enough to enjoy a really long 4th of July weekend.
Max got off on Friday at noon and had today off as well.
So we had a fantastic time, having all those days off.
It was jam-packed with adventures - our first family movie night (we watched Gnomeo and Juliet), a trip to the Wilmington Farmer's market, walks to the dog park with Lucy, church, new fish, lots of playing and relaxing, errands which led to the purchase of a new (and our first!) grill, delicious food (BBQ ribs, coleslaw, grilled pork loin, watermelon, tomatoes, sweet potato fries...mmmm...), fireworks (the kids did AWESOME and loved them!), mama time (haircut and errands) and just enjoying family time together.
It really was a lovely weekend and we thoroughly soaked up our time together.
Hence there are hardly any pictures.
I think I was so wrapped up in enjoying the moments that I didn't grab my camera numerous times.
Oh well.  
You may see a few pictures soon of our adventures, if there happen to be any :)

Oh!  Big news for us!  We have had a few nights of Ezra sleeping ALL the way through!  
This is huge!  I have been waiting and waiting.  
Eliana started sleeping through the night really early, so I was hoping that Ezra would do the same.
But finally!  The time has come and I now know he can do it!!!  
This mama is thrilled at the possibility of sleeping for more than 3 or 4 hours at a time!

Eliana has really been testing her boundaries with us.
It's been an interesting few weeks.
She has been quite "bossy" or naughty.
Just normal little kid things - but definitely testing us hardcore.  
I keep praying that God will continue to give us the strength we need to stand firm and be consistent.

So, although I am a slacker and don't have many pictures from this weekend, I know it's been awhile since there have been ANY photos.  
And although I have very little time tonight, I pulled a few photos from about a month ago, that I've been wanting to share.
They have not been edited, so forgive the graininess of some.
They were taken at the dog park one evening and I think they are fun.

If L is trying to carry things around (rocks, sticks, etc) and her hands are full, she will start tucking things under her chin.  It cracks us up.  
In this photo, her hands are full of rocks AND there are several rocks under her chin.
 Beautiful girl.
 Our little man.
 I laugh when I see this one too. I know it's hard to see, but L "stole" the frisbee from Lucy.
And Lucy is just sitting there, hanging her head. Bwa ha ha!
Again, L has rocks under her chin.
Also, it's my goal to take some funny photos of Lucy running.
This is a fairly good one - ears flopping, mouth open, legs all over the place and in midair!

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  1. Your life always makes me smile. :)

  2. Did you use your new/0ld deep fryer???? Does it work?

  3. hahaha that picture with the rocks under her chin is so cute!
    Sounds like a very nice weekend.



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