Does anybody else want cake?

Friday, July 01, 2011

Oh man, oh man, I want cake so bad.  Or ice cream.  Or a cookie.  Or pie.  Or gooey dark chocolate brownies with peanut butter swirled into them.  It's day #3 of my sugar fast, and although it's going pretty well, I have been craving something good and sugary since I woke up.  I've been eating a lot of fruit, tons of veggies, homemade hummus, nuts, eggs, cheese and broiled chicken the past few days.  Oh, and drinking glorious coffee every morning - and you know what?! I don't really miss the sugar in my coffee at all!  So far the hardest part has been sticking with my sugar fast, while having to make food for L - like toast for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch - or putting a piece of coffeecake in a lunch for Max.  My husband LOVES his desserts and we had a few leftovers from last week, so I think I'll feel better once he finishes them off and they are out of the house :)  Other than the food prep, the sugar fast is going well and I'm eager to keep on keeping on...

A potty-training update?!  I may or may not have lost some of my motivation.  The first day went alright.  My method was to let L wander around the house without any pants or diaper on.  Within the first 10 minutes, she peed on the floor.  We had a discussion about how that wasn't ok, and that we need to go pee in the toilet.  As we were discussing (read: as I was teaching her), we went and sat on her potty.  Nothing.  Went back to the table and had breakfast.  She finished her food, said she was done and then told me "potty".  I got her down, got her situated on the potty and within 5 minutes, she peed!  Go L!  The rest of our day was pretty similar.  We had a few more accidents, but also a few successful trips to the potty.

I woke up on Tuesday and for whatever reason, decided to switch my methodology.  I thought that maybe she would find incentive in being able to wear her "big girl panties" and that she would try not to wet them.  Epic fail on my part.  I think the panties felt too much like a diaper and she went in them pretty much right away.  It was much too soon for panties.  The following day, she got a cold and it was just easier to lay low and relax.  I, obviously, did not have very good follow-through on the whole potty-training thing.  With all the fun things we have planned this weekend (trip to the Farmer's Market, shopping, a beach day, fireworks, family movie night), we are thinking we'll wait until next week to re-start.  I just need to be diligent and patient, and give her a few days to figure it all out.  She'll get it.  So that's where we are on the potty-training front.  Next week, I'll have yet another update.

I've been busy (ok, in my free time, which is pretty much never...) working on the blog layout/design.  Which means that today is yet another post with pictures (calm down, Mama D, they'll come soon enough...) - I do have some that I want to share, but it'll be a few more days!  We have a fun long weekend planned, and although I have some household chores to get crossed off my list, I am already in relax-mode!  I hear the babies stirring from their morning nap.  Off I go to see them, shower, grab lunch and head out for an afternoon of errands!

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  1. I would love some sweets! I'm glad you're still sticking to it.
    We didn't potty train our daughter until she turned two now she's two and a half and completely potty trained. We tried when she was 18 months but she just wasn't ready.

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. Don't give in - remember it's the 3rd and 4th day that are the hardest - or whenever your body decides to fight back. You can do it!!!



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