Chai Tea Lattes and Pumpkin Bars.

Friday, June 10, 2011

You would think that the above title would appear sometime in October.
Or at least during a month that the outdoor thermometer (NOT in the sun, thank you very much) does not read 94°.
But alas, it's 10 June and here I sit, sipping a homemade (hot!) chai tea latte and enjoying a square of pumpkin bar.
Maybe we just have the seasons mixed up.
Yesterday, Max looked at me and asked if it was time to start playing Christmas music.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself to cherish the moment.
You know?
I get so caught up in the little everyday things and become so absorbed by the "when you are this big"'s or "next year..."'s, that sometimes, I forget to appreciate the now, the right here.
It wasn't until this morning, as I was sitting at the Vet's office, chatting with the woman next to me, that this idea re-struck me.
She was telling me that her two oldest children were one year apart, and that now, they are 14 and 15.
I was thinking about our conversation on my way home, and I was overwhelmed with how fast time will go by.
Before I know it, that will be me.  I'll have a 14 and a 15 year old.
That's a scary thought.
Not that I'm not excited for that season of life, because I am.
It's just that I want to be sure to soak in every second of NOW, of today.
I don't want to look back in five or ten years and realize that I missed out.
Am I making any sense?
It's a rambling sort of day...

I was going to blog yesterday.
I had a whole blog post going in my brain.
All about how I have to very carefully watch L during a mealtime, or she leans over and slyly slips food to Lucy.
And about how my dear son finally decided to start eating cheerios.  Yesterday, he was shoveling handfuls into his little mouth, ha!
But then, as lunch was getting finished up, I noticed it.
The wet goo that Z was happily sliding his feet around in, under his chair.
And the realization that it was baby poop that had migrated from his diaper all the way to the floor.
It was terribly disgusting.
And called for an immediate emergency bathtime.
I put Z into the bathtub fully clothed, because I didn't know how else to not make more of a mess.
In the end, it was rather humorous.

My chai is half-gone and my plate has only crumbs remaining.
I am going to sit back and enjoy the rest of afternoon nap time, aka mama's breaktime.
And then contemplate the errands and tasks that have yet to be completed.

Oh. And I have had an itch to make a few changes to the blog soon.
Just letting you know.

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  1. I absolutely loved this post. What a great reminder for me.



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