Monday, June 06, 2011

It's my silly mentality that I must always post photos in my blog posts that keeps me from updating on many a day. 
I know this is slightly whack, but I get it in my head that all anybody (my dear friends and family) wants is to see pics of the babes.
Hence the reason it's been almost a week since I've logged onto blogger and even thought about touching the "new post" button.
And why I now feel like such a slacker.

It's been busy and I haven't had time to think about pulling photos off the camera or even editing them.
But I have had a few moments here and there that I could have written a few sentences and updates.
I certainly feel there are a few!

My dear friend, Netta (isn't that a sweet name?!), is here visiting for a few days.
She got in last week and is here until the middle of this week.
It's been great having her here, catching up, going exploring, showing her around, having some rousing conversations with my husband and just enjoying her company (and watching her love on our babes).
We had our usual Saturday beach day this weekend, which was a blast.
And last night, I made Carolina BBQ pork sandwiches with coleslaw, hushpuppies and sweet tea.
We thought it was fitting!

Ezra is now 7 months old.
Gosh, where does the time fly by to?
He can sit up all by himself.
And sometimes gets up on his hands and knees, and "rocks" back and forth.
Crawling will not be long in the coming.
He was sick-ish last week and pretty miserable.
Although he seems to be doing much better now.
AND, his first tooth popped in at the tail end of last week!!!!
It's so cute and I can't get over that little bugger in his mouth!
He learned how to blow bubbles with his mouth and is SO proud, so he does it all the time.

In much bigger news, at least for me, Ezra is now completely done breastfeeding.
He refused to take any form of bottle until about 3 or 4 weeks ago, and then, on his own sweet time, he took a bottle at the most random time.
I had a lot of guilt over switching him solely to formula, but it was the best decision for us.
After two years of either being pregnant or breastfeeding (or both, when I was preggo with Z AND breastfeeding L), I was starting to go a bit crazy over the loss of my body.
It was time for me to have my body back.
Plus, I was just in a hormonally-crazy place and I knew that the end of breastfeeding would help me even myself back out.
I was, honestly, relieved to be done, and although I have had great experiences with breastfeeding, I am glad I made the switch when I did.
For us, it really was the best decision.
I feel like I have the freedom to leave for more than 3 or 4 hours now, and that is huge.
Also, he is starting to now sleep longer stretches at night, Praise the Lord.
As he got bigger (and hungrier?!), he was starting to re-wake up every 3-4 hours to breastfeed at night.
It was really wearing on me - the sleeping in 3ish hour increments.
I am very ready to sleep for more than 5 or 6 hours in a row, and definitely looking forward to the day that it actually happens!!

Eliana is doing well.
She is more and more vocal (laughing, chatting, hollering).
We took away her pacifier for good a few weeks ago.
For a long time, she'd only had it for nights and naptimes, but it was time to be done with it.
It's been a great transition and she has done very well.
A few weeks ago, Max caught her climbing out of her crib.
I don't think it will be long before it's time to get her "big girl" bed set up.
And potty training will be commencing in about two weeks - wish us luck :)
L has been testing her boundaries pretty hardcore.
And throwing her fair share of tantrums when she doesn't get her way.
(Funny thing - when L throws herself prostrate on the ground, screaming and kicking - Lucy starts howling along with her - it cracks me up, although I definitely don't let them see me laughing!!!)
She still loves to swat the flies, carry her baby around, eat any form of bread, taunt Lucy, play with her daddy, read books and "scare" Ezra.

It's been so sweet to watch the developing relationship between L and Z.
L will bring him toys or give him hugs or just be silly around him.
And he laughs and giggles.
It's adorable.

I hear the Z man waking up, so must be on my way to go get him.
I'll leave you with yet another Night with Max story.
Two nights ago, I woke up to hear Z crying.
(I got whatever Z had last week and have been feeling pretty darn crummy, which meant Max was doing all the night duty over the weekend, so I could sleep as much as possible).
I poke at Max to send him off to go deal with Z and as I am reaching to poke him, he starts "shhh"-ing.
At first, I think he's trying to tell ME to be quiet.
But I quickly realize that he's shushing the crying coming through the monitor.
I almost started laughing out loud.
Here he is, laying in bed, with his eyes closed, shushing like he would if he were standing right next to a baby, as there is fussing coming through the monitor.
It was priceless.
Of course, he didn't remember a single thing come morning.
Oh so typical. Ha!

Please forgive my random ramblings and somewhat mismatched thoughts
It was an early morning...

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  1. They grow so fast. I cannot believe I'll be planning Millie's first birthday soon. It kind of breaks my heart!

    I know what you mean about breastfeeding. I quit with Millie around 6 months. I felt guilty too, but I felt like 6 months was a very good start for her, and it was so nice to have my body to myself. Breastfeeding feels like a long extension of pregnancy!

  2. Photos are good - but just hearing the happenings of the Hanson family are great too! You need to capture video of Lucy singing to L:) I would most likely have to leave the room because I would giggle! Can't wait to see you and yours next week! Hugs!!!



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