Memorial Day Adventures.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holy smokes. Literally.
We had quite the adventurous Memorial day weekend.
Ms. Amy came to town (the fiance to Max's buddy, Mark) for the weekend.
We had a great time going on adventures and hanging out.
After a fun-filled Friday and Saturday (adventuring, Aquarium, strawberry-rhubarb pie, pizza, lots of laughter, playing with babies, the dog park, etc), Sunday rolled around.
Ezzy woke up looking (and feeling) miserable.
(His first tooth has just popped through and I blame his cold on teething)
I stayed home from church with the man-child.
That afternoon Max and Mark went off on some fishy adventures.
Then had to go rescue a co-worker who was stranded a few hours away after a car accident.
They ended up being gone for 8ish hours that day, which pretty much stunk.

Pretty sure I thought that was the extent of our excitement for the weekend.
But it got better. 
Much better. 
Or worse maybe?

Monday morning, Max and Mark caught an anole (a little green lizard) outside the front door.
And put it in a box to keep as a pet.
Silly, silly men who felt like 6-year old boys!
The remainder of the morning was spent researching anoles and building a suitable home for it.
Then, they decided to go hunting in the woods for a girl anole.
They were out for about 20 minutes.
All of a sudden, they come screeching back into the house, trying not to touch anything.
They had found some more lizards.
In the middle of a clearing of poison ivy.
Poison ivy is terrible, terrible stuff.

LUCKILY, they hopped right in the shower and got their clothes in the wash.
Neither of them have found any itchy rashes yet.
Thank the Lord.

It's dinnertime at this point.
So I am making hamburger patties, pulling out the fixings, making baked beans.
Max starts getting the sweet potatoes ready to make into fries.
I put Mark in charge of frying up the burgers.
The babes are eating in their chairs.
We're all running around, do this and that.
As I am standing at the counter for a moment, I look over at Mark, who lifts the lid off the heating oil.
It was sizzling before he lifted that lid.
Then, the air hit the hot oil and POOF!
A nice big flame erupted.
Like, a 2-3 foot flame.
Holy smokes.  I told you.
Amy hollers to put the lid back on.
I yell to Max to grab the fire extinguisher.
He pulls it out and shoots the, now, oil fire that's licking at the microwave.
Puts out the fire. Whew!
Smoke starts pouring out from the stove.
It's been about a minute since everything started happening.
Amy and I pull the babes out of their seats, grab the dog and head outside.
I shout that we need to call the fire department.
Max throws me the phone and a neighborhood calling list.
Yeah. He gave me a neighborhood calling list. Like I didn't know how to dial 9-1-1?!
Made me laugh!
I call in and the fire truck is on it's way.
Smoke is now pouring out of the house.
The guys are running around (remember, we had the fire out) the house, opening windows, locking the kitty in a room, etc, all the while not being able to see barely a foot in front of them.
Apparently, the pan in which the fire had happened was still doing something.
So they grab towels/a gas mask (good thing it was laying around, ha ha!) and then carry the pan out the garage to the driveway.
Drop it and start shooting the extinguisher to make sure the fire was really out for good.

Amy and I have the babes out front, waiting on the fire truck. 
The fire truck rolls up.
The firemen go in, survey the scene, make sure the fire is out, etc, etc.
Paramedics are there, making sure there was no grease burns.
Praise the Lord, there was nothing like that.
We were all totally fine!

The firemen get a big fan set up to help clear smoke out.
And check to make sure there is no hidden fire in the cabinets or stove.
Everything looks fine, so once the smoke was mostly cleared out, they packed up and were on their way.
They were here for maybe 25 or 30 minutes.

The kitchen. 
Sorry it's so dark, it was still pretty smokey.

Amy, holding a sick baby Ezzy.

L still had her swimsuit on.
I didn't have time to grab shoes.
Lucy was a magnet to neighbor kids.

Once the fire truck left, we headed back in to deal with the kitchen.
You can see the bottom right corner of the microwave got burnt.

It took us a few hours to get things back together and cleaned up.
But again, I am just so thankful that everybody is ok and that the damage was not that bad.

I think the thing that got us all was that not only did we have a fire, but the entire weekend had been filled with crazy stuff - the guys having to rescue a coworker from car accident, poison ivy possibility, etc
Max keeps saying everything that could go wrong, DID go wrong.
In the end, all I could keep saying was, good thing I went to that fire safety class and knew where that blasted fire extinguisher was!

So there you have it. 
Our Memorial day adventures.
We DID have a fantastic weekend, in the midst of all our crazy.
I have loads of fun pictures to share of some of our other, less-dramatic excursions in the next few days!

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  1. These stories always end up coming out hilarious down the road! I'm glad everyone was safe though, can't wait to hear about the less dangerous parts of the weekend.

  2. Wow! That sounds like a busy, crazy weekend! Glad everyone is ok though.

  3. Oh my word!!! That is CRAZY!!!! I'm glad y'all are ok!! I hope things are much less crazy for you this week. You guys need a break!

  4. Gosh! That will be a weekend you never forget! Glad everyone was okay.

  5. But what did you end up having for dinner?? lol ;) Glad everyone was ok - that's bananas



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