Georgie grows.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Remember when Georgie was just a little tiny thing?  

Well, he's gotten a little bigger...
He's 4 months old, and weighs about 40 lbs now.  He has gotten less roly-poly and more gangly-awkward with his growing limbs that fly every which way when he runs.  He loves to be with us, he loves to eat, and he loves to play with toys.  We just completed his puppy obedience class, and will start another level in a few weeks - the pup will do just about anything for a hot dog treat! 

He is such a sweetheart and loves the kids, although doesn't always realize how big he's gotten or that he can easily knock them down - we are working on that!  We know he's going to be a big boy, so are trying our best to work on his obedience and manners now, before he's massive and could drag us around, ha!  He follows me around at night, when the kids are in bed - it's super sweet, and I love my little canine shadow :)

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  1. He sure is cute though! I love that picture of Ezra bending over to kiss him.

  2. He sounds like a loyal friend, both to you, and the kids! You got a good one there! :)

  3. He is so cute! :) Love him.

  4. So cute! He is so big and what a great best friend for the kids.

  5. Aw! He looks like a good-and big- puppy. :)



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