Easter & Egg Dye

Monday, April 21, 2014

We had a good Easter weekend.  The kids received some Easter money from their Great-Grandma, and used part of it to buy donuts Saturday morning.  After a delicious breakfast, we got out the egg dye and dyed a bunch of quail eggs.  They turned out beautiful - so much better than I expected!  
Easter morning, the kids found eggs and an Easter basket hidden around the house.  We went to church to celebrate a Risen Jesus.  And then came home for naps/rest before a big dinner with friends.  It was gorgeous day out, so the kids pulled out their new chalk and sand toys, and played out back for awhile.  Evie tried sneaking into the candy.  I tried taking some pictures, but nearly blinded my kids, haha!  I missed being around family this year, but am so glad for friends that came to eat with us, and that we were able to celebrate and worship what Jesus did on the cross.  

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  1. Such great photos!! So glad you had a good day.

  2. I love the girls dresses! So sweet and classic! And how neat to dye quail eggs -- they look beautiful!

  3. All these pictures are great - but I really love the one of the colored eggs with the cups in the background. That is a great shot!

    We missed being with family too - but I agree, I was glad to have friends come over to celebrate!

  4. Such cute pictures of the kids! Love those eggs.

  5. What adorable kiddos you have!

  6. Love the eggs. Those kids look so darn cute all dressed up!



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