Family Adventure {Point Lobos}

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Last month, over Max's class break, we went to Point Lobos State Nature Reserve.  We picked up a picnic lunch on the way, and had great expectations of a fun-filled morning.  We parked the car, loaded our bags, put Evie in the carrier, and began our adventure.  Not 5 minutes into our walk to the picnic tables, L reached down and grabbed poison oak in her hand.  Max went into a momentary panic - he has severe reactions to poison ivy, so was quite worried about the amount of poison oak all around the area, and the fact that L had just touched it with her hands.  I rushed L to the nearest bathroom to wash off her hands (which we did approximately 4 times with soap) - we were trying to avoid it at all costs!  

We figured there wasn't much we could do at this point, except make the most of our time there, so we unpacked our lunch, which was delicious!  Huge deli sandwiches, crispy chips, and old-fashioned sodas...the reactions on the kids faces was priceless when they tasted the sparkling sodas!  After lunch, we headed along one of the paths, which took us right along the ocean.  It was gorgeous, and breathtaking.  Max and I were able to pick out whale spouts in the distance, which was so neat!  I have been waiting and waiting to see whales, and although they were far away, we finally figured out what to look for!  

We walked for awhile, until little toddler legs grew tired, and Max started to get anxious about the poison oak situation (it was seriously EVERYwhere along the trail, right at our ankles...and the kids touching distance!), and then we headed back to the car and returned home.  It was a good morning adventure, with an even better (well, now at least!) poison oak story to go with it! Oh the adventures we have together as a family!!

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  1. Those views are amazing!! And your kids are the cutest. Glad no one had a serious reaction to the poison oak that day!

  2. Eeeek!!! I'm glad nobody had any reactions to it!
    Such pretty views!

  3. Pretty pictures! Outings are always an adventure, aren't they? :)

  4. Gorgeous. Glad you guys kept away from the poison oak!



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